10 Spectacular viewpoints in Tenerife

/10 Spectacular viewpoints in Tenerife

10 Spectacular viewpoints in Tenerife

We have made a compilation of what we consider are the best viewpoints in Tenerife, due to their location and their wonderful views.

The Island is full of places where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Tenerife, the sunsets, the stars… we have made a compilation of what we consider are the best viewpoints, do you know them? Do we agree with your favorite viewpoints?

  1. Aguaide Viewpoint

A spectacular viewpoint that offers us views from the border of a 550 meters cliff. The Aguaide viewpoint, in Chimanada, is a quiet place where you arrive after a small walk. From here you can enjoy the murmur of the sea, the Trade winds blowing in your face, the view of the Roque de los Hermanos, Punta Hidalgo, etc.

The viewpoint is a semi circle surrounded by a wooden fence and from here, the views of the cliffs are impressive. Some examples are Punta de Tamadiste and Punta de Fajana, passing by the beach of Los Troches, Punta Hidalgo, without forgetting the Roque de Dos Hermanos and the El Río ravine. The 360º view will leave you immediately breathless.

  1. Chipeque Viewpoint

The Chipeque viewpoint is found on the road that goes from La Laguna towards the National Park of El Teide. It is a natural terrace, with big parking spaces where you can see a wonderful view of El Teide and of the forestal crown, that is in many occasions covered by the “sea of clouds”.

From Chipeque you can see wonderful sunsets with a magnificent view of El Teide, the sea of clouds covering the Valley of La Orotava, and the Island of La Palma in the distance to complete a perfect view.

  1. Tafada Viewpoint

Halfway between Chamorga and Roque Bermejo you find Tafada, an old village (that is now abandoned) located on the top of a hill, from where you have an amazing view of the Anaga Mountain range as its main characteristic. This small viewpoint is one of the mandatory stops in the route of the white Tajinastes of Anaga, as it is one of the most impressive natural viewpoints in this zone, with exceptional views of the Anaga Mountain Range, the Anaga lighthouse and the Roque Bermejo.

  1. Degollada de Cherfe Viewpoint

The viewpoint in itself is formed by two pullout spaces in front of each other on the road TF-346 that communicates Masca with the town of Santiago del Teide. Next to it there is a small hill that has become the most popular place to take pictures of this lovely compound.

From the viewpoint of the Degollada de Cherfe you can contemplate impressive views of Masca and its ravine on the bottom of the Roque Tarucho and the Islands of La Gomera and La Palma in the distance. Mandatory stop whenever you go to Masca.

  1. La Atalaya viewpoint (El Tanque)

If the town of el Tanque stands out for a reason it is for the view it offers of the Isla Baja. In this town there are various viewpoints that should be in this list, but of all of them we choose the Atalaya viewpoint. From here you can watch the neighboring town of Garachico in a bird’s eye view.

  1. Punta de Teno viewpoint

The viewpoint of the nun is right at the end of the gorge of the road that leads to Teno Bajo. This zone is so steep that it usually has a sign that forbids the entrance because landslides could happen. If you are not afraid and you take the risk, the view from here, and what awaits you after the curve is really spectacular and makes you say the risk was worth it. From here you can see what you have left behind, Buenavista del Norte, and where you are heading, the plains of Teno. A viewpoint where you can see los Gigantes cliffs and La Gomera from a quiet environment in one of the most representative landscapes of the Island.

  1. El Asomadero viewpoint

From the hillsides of Tigaiga you can contemplate impressive views of the Valley of La Orotava. There are several places that have been conditioned for this: El Lance, La Corona… and our favorite, El Asomadero. Ideal to make a stop when you are following the trail 0-4 or any other pathway that comes down this way.

  1. La Garañona viewpoint.

A beautiful location that offers a wonderful view of all the northern coast of Tenerife, you can see the North and the Isla Baja as well as the East (area of the Anaga’s beaches). It is located halfway between Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz in El Sauzal.

Spectacular viewpoint from where you can contemplate one of the best beaches in Tenerife that has the same name, in the border of a cliff that is ideal to enjoy the sunsets. Besides the above mentioned views of the steep coast of Acentejo, the viewpoint is almost 300 meters above the sea level located in hanging balconies over the cliff where the plants are abundant and there is even remains of the aboriginal past of the Island.

  1. La tarta viewpoint

The Teide’s tarta (or cake) is one of the best places in the island of Tenerife to appreciate how the eruptions have created beautiful volcanic landscapes.

The road that comes from El Teide and descents  winding down the mountain side, has a curve that goes through an old lava river. This volcanic setting is known as La Tarta del Teide (Teide’s cake), and this is where the viewpoint is located.

The name of cake is because in this place you can see the results of the different eruptions, each one of them corresponding to a layer of a different color. Each eruption could have taken place during days or weeks, dragging material of different characteristics. Between each one of the layers that you can see now in the Tarta del Teide, centuries or millennia may have passed.

  1. Jardina Viewpoint

The first viewpoint that we find when we enter the Rural park of Anaga is the Jardina viewpoint. From where you can appreciate a spectacular landscape: The Mountain of El Socorro in Güímar, and to the Northeast coast almost to El Puerto de la Cruz. Crowning this magnificent landscape, the Teide volcano, La Laguna and Las Mercedes majestically rise.

But is not just the view what you can see from here, but history itself. From this cliffs the water went down directly to La Laguna to the street of water (calle del Agua), named like this for this reason. When the Castilians conquered the island they decided to build the first city in a plain valley where there was water and fertile soils.

The location was what we see from here, San Cristobal de La Laguna surrounded by mountains, near the port but far enough to avoid pirate’s attacks. In 1494 the Castilians decided to conquer Tenerife, and from the fights that occurred during the conquest the Battle of Acentejo stands out, it was the first defeat of the Spanish army in front of the Guanches. The town where this battle occurred is known as La Matanza de Acentejo (The killing of Acentejo), the conquerors stroke back in the Battle of the Victory and to remember that they have won the conquerors planted a pine tree that still exists. The place where this battle happened is known as La Victoria (the victory). All these places can be seen from this viewpoint.

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