4 Natural pools in Tenerife for the whole family

/4 Natural pools in Tenerife for the whole family

4 Natural pools in Tenerife for the whole family

The natural pools in Tenerife are places where all the visitors that search for the perfection of the authentic and natural must visit.

A spectacular environment to go swimming

To go swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic is always a pleasure, but the experience becomes unforgettable when it is also done in one of the many natural pools in Tenerife.  The Islands are specially rich in this type of natural resources, which are all full of charm and of a beauty that results impressive.

The natural pools in Tenerife are watertight spaces that due to their natural configuration, let the sea water in without any artificial intervention, except for the setting of stairs, walkways or trampolines. That is why they are a mandatory trip for all the visitors that, besides a refreshing swim, search for the perfection of the natural and authentic.   

Charco del Viento (Wind’s pond)

Four natural pools for all ages

If you like to enjoy the view of cold lava washed by the ocean and natural pools, here you can find four. The Wind’s pond is the most crowded bathing zone in La Guancha, it is one of the best known ponds and it has the best access in the north of Tenerife. Although some times the force of the Atlantic gets into this settlement of great beauty and contrasting colors, you can usually take quiet swims in its different inlets, with sandy zones and other made out of rocks that are ideal to take a sunbath.

To take a swim watching el Teide, banana plantations and with nearby parking spaces

In contrast with other pools in the Canary Islands, to get to this corner of sun and sand is quite simple. When you are in the road that goes to the town of Icod de los Vinos, with an amazing view of El Teide, you will find a well signaled paved road that leads you, through the typical banana plantations, to a big parking and to the reformed access stairs that will lead you to a real treasure that multiplies the pleasure by four.  

Bajamar’s pools

Three natural pools next to a beach with multiple services

Whether there are strong waves or not, the natural pools of Bajamar, in the northeast of Tenerife, are something that your senses will always appreciate. You’ll find two big size pools, a small one for the kids, a golden sand beach protected from the ocean’s power and multiple services just a few meters away.  All this will make this visit something that is almost unavoidable if you want to know the marine charms of the town of La Laguna, whose historical center was declared a World Heritage because of its rich patrimony.

A water park with safety and numerous restaurants nearby

Bajamar has established itself  as an authentic natural family water park. The presence of lifeguards, the well cared facilities, the cleanness of the water and the sand, the views and the imposing presence of the mythical lighthouse are perfectly combined with the availability of parking spaces and multiple restaurants, without forgetting the kiosk and various shops. And, if there is a strong sea when you get there, far from getting angry, you can prepare your camera, as the waves will give you unforgettable images of the waves against the dike. A landmark of the Island and an unavoidable visit.  

Garachico’s Cove

Bathing zones for the whole family in a rich historical center in Tenerife

The atlantic has caressing arms, at the zone of El Caletón in the north of Tenerife, is its living prove. Next to the Castle of San Miguel (XVI century) and with the impressive presence of the volcanic stack from the eruption that devastated Garachico in 1706, when this town was the most important port of the island. This place of pure lava perfectly combines the inlets of open sea with quiet ponds for all the family just a few meters away from the multiple services in the avenue.   

To go swimming in the Caletón of Garachico

To go swimming in the Caletón of Garachico not only allows you to enjoy the oceanic movement, but also to contemplate part of one of the most beautiful historical centers in the Canary Islands, the spectacular La Culata Cliffs and a view of the rest of the northern coast. Besides, it has lifeguards in the summer, a restaurant in the middle of the lava, parkings, annex public pool, the nearby beach of el muellito, the new port and innumerable and prestigious places to eat and shop. All the luxuries combined.  

La Laja Pond

A volcanic pool for all ages in San Juan de la Rambla

The deep blue of the atlantic turns into a subtle palette of colors in the main swimming area of San Juan de la Rambla, in the north of Tenerife. The La Laja pond is impressive from the viewpoint of the same name and it only makes you want to take a picture of it, to go down the stairs as soon as possible and to get into its crystal clear waters, next to a wild ocean that softens its strength in the volcanic rock that protects this jewel.

A natural spa together with historical heritage and restaurants

Located in the middle of the historical centre of one of the most attractive towns with the best weather in the region, this jewel of the Canary Islands shows up, almost by surprise, at the end of one of the most crowded streets. With an excellent access, solarium areas and three bars and  nearby restaurants where you gan regain your strength, to take a swim in the La Laja lets you see how the lava and its forms and the roaring atlantic in a steep coast serve as an unbeatable natural spa.

Natural pools in Tenerife - circuit spa offer in tenerife

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