5 spectacular nudist beaches of the SOUTH OF TENERIFE

/5 spectacular nudist beaches of the SOUTH OF TENERIFE

5 spectacular nudist beaches of the SOUTH OF TENERIFE

The south of Tenerife is the part of the island with beaches that are more similar to the ones we are used to see in the mainland, those of clear sands and in less rough landscapes compared with the northern area. This southern area also has a lot of hotels, apartments and places designed for the relaxation of large numbers of tourists that come to the island through the airport of the South.

We can also say that this zone is specially visited by surf and windsurf lovers as well as people who like other sports that are done in beaches where the waves favor its practice, like the ones we found in the south of Tenerife, some of them being the same ones as the ones for naturists, so the coexistence is inevitable, and it has to be dealt with in the best possible way, with mutual respect, of course.


Natural tourism is also starting to have its own space in this crowded zone, even starting to have temples of health and wellbeing in Costa Adeje, where nudism is allowed certain days and at certain hours, although it is not a totally naturist centre.


Being a more touristic zone, the beaches distributed on the map of the south of Tenerife tend to have better accesses and services than the ones in the northern area, that many times are too isolated. It is not the case of the southern zone, where beaches tend to be near towns or hotel areas on the beach front.


  • Montaña Roja Beach: 

    Located in the municipality of El Medano, this beach is in the shadow of a mount of 170 meters, the Montaña Roja, and that is why it is a little bit more isolated form the town centre. Its sand is clear and quite thin, ant its waters are cristal clear, with moderate waves, and strong winds in certain moments.


  • La Tejita Beach:

    It is very close to the previous beach, but it has a better access and more services. It is one of the biggest nudist beaches of the south of Tenerife and it is divided into two parts, one for clothes and another one, more secluded and cozy, that is a nudist cove. Its occupation tends to be intermediate throughout the year, and it is very pleasant.


  • Blanca Beach (Diego Hernández):

    Far away from any town, this virgin beach is one of the most idyllic ones in the Island, but on the other hand it does not have any type of services. Its access is very similar to those of the beaches in the northern part of the island, but its sand is a lot thinner and the waves are smaller, which invites you to go a little bit deeper.


  • El Medano Beach:

    It is a great extension of semi urbanized beach that goes into the town of El Medano. It has specific naturist zones and coves, although most of its extension is for clothes or mixed for both. The best thing about it is that it counts with all the health services, beach bars and very good accesses.


  • Cala Amarilla Beach:

    In the municipality of Arona, this small cove is guarded by cliffs, its access is no very simple but it is one of the most quiet and it has one of the best waters in the area. Its occupancy tends to be intermediate but unfortunately it doesn’t have any services.


As we can see, the offer of nudist coves and beaches in Tenerife is quite big, even if we have only showed you the main ones of every zone, and there are some more, hidden in the steep Tenerife’s coasts, ones of virgin sands and cristal waters, waiting to be discovered.


We advise you to be well prepared to access this nudist beaches of the south of Tenerife, because in most cases the accesses are not as good as we would like. You have also to be respectful and tolerant with the surfers that go to the same beaches because they are less crowded. At the end, beaches belong to all of us and we need to learn to share them.

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