9 Wonderful nudist beaches in Tenerife to enjoy being a naturist

/9 Wonderful nudist beaches in Tenerife to enjoy being a naturist

9 Wonderful nudist beaches in Tenerife to enjoy being a naturist

Nudism or naturism is a practice that has become more popular in a great part of western countries, where there is a less prohibitive idea about this behavior, because in the asian countries, specially in the muslim ones, it is strictly forbidden by the religion.

Nevertheless, in Europe and America nudism is seen more and more as a normal thing. There are nudist sports clubs with great offers, cruises, campings, beaches and even country clubs where nudism is a predominant option. In some small villages and country villages, in Spain, nudism is the rule for all their inhabitants. We are talking about nudist colonies that inhabit previously deserted villages. They usually live in the countryside, eat what they grow in their own orchard or completely natural products, because the other main characteristic of the nudist movement is the love and respect for nature.

The most visited places by convinced and ocasional nudists are probably the beaches. After all, in most of the beaches the main difference between someone that is a nudist and someone that is not is only one piece of clothe, many times a very tiny one. That is why, many people that have not thought of becoming naturists, also go to nudist beaches in Tenerife. Many times just with the intention of experiencing that feeling of freedom naturists talk about when they are trying to explain why they think it is better to go around life without any clothes.

Sometimes, the experience of going to nudist beaches in Tenerife leaves such a trace in a person that they end up becoming naturists, as they discover that the feeling of going around naked, without the textile “constraints”, is really enriching and pleasant. As we have said, these nudist beaches tend to be the first contact with naturism, as long as we don’t have some close link, among our relatives, with this subject.

If we are talking about beaches, we are talking about nice weather, hot, lying on the beach to get a tan (always with the adequate sunscreen to avoid any skin problems), taking a swim in cristal clear waters… For most people, the beach is a synonym of the summer, the time of the year where the weather is the best in Spain, and when it is the hottest. For many people just having these two or three months to take a swim in the sea doesn’t seem to be enough. But there is a place where the weather is nice enough to be in the beach all year long: The Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands, situated near the Saharan coast in Africa, belong to Spain, and they are with Ceuta, Melilla, and the Balearic, the only Spanish territories outside the mainland. Thanks to its privileged position, closer to the Equator, the Canary Islands have a warm weather in which the temperatures barely vary between seasons, and they are usually around 25ºC, rising a little bit more in the summer and lowering in the winter. The subtropical oceanic weather is softened by the influence of the sea and of the Trade winds, which help to keep the temperatures stable throughout the year, with values that go from spring to summer ones, and that are perfect to spend a nice holiday any time of the year.

It looks like we are describing the Canary Islands like the paradise of holidays for those who are looking for sun and beaches. And it certainly is, but not just for conventional tourists, but also for naturists, as they can enjoy some of the best nudist beaches in Tenerife exclusively, restricted for their specific use and enjoyment, being the “owners” of a special piece of this canarian paradise.

Most of the nudist beaches in the Canary Islands are in the Island of Tenerife, the biggest and most populated one of the seven islands that make up the Archipelago. Tenerife is a very steep island, with ravines and cliffs, specially in the northern coast. Despite this, the island has more than 65 kilometers of beaches, besides the coves or small ponds that are formed in the more abrupt coasts, and that can also be a good option to spend a different day in the sand.

Regarding nudist beaches, the island of Tenerife has a great number of them, and we are going to differentiate them according to the area of the island where they are located, the northern and the southern zone.

So, if you want to know them, let’s start with Nudist beaches in the north of Tenerife below…

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