August: The month of the Hearts of Tejina in Tenerife

/August: The month of the Hearts of Tejina in Tenerife

August: The month of the Hearts of Tejina in Tenerife

Tejina is a coastal town in the northeast of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) belonging to the municipality of La Laguna. According to sources of the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics, as of January 2007, it has almost 10,000 inhabitants.

Together with Valle de Guerra, Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo constitute a small region. It limits with the municipality of Tegueste, being given the peculiarity that this one is circumscribed by La Laguna. The main economic activity of the locality is the agriculture and the industry that is derived from her.

The month of August is celebrated in honor of St. Bartholomew under the name of the Feast of Hearts. The Hearts of Tejina are a sample of popular culture that mixes the party with religious fervor and has important elements of high ethnographic and anthropological value. They are celebrated around August 24 (St. Bartholomew’s onomastics), and each year proudly lifts up those beautiful banners proclaiming its beauty and exclusivity. In 2004, the International Heritage Center (CICOP) recognized its universal contribution to the maintenance of the cultural legacy of the peoples and their contribution to regional, national and international culture by granting it the Special Canary Islands Prize for Restoration and Conservation of Intangible Heritage.

This is one of the most colorful and bright traditions on the island, hence the residents of the town of Tejina do not want to keep it. A cross-shaped structure with two wooden hearts, one larger than the other, serve as a base on which to sew flowers, fruits and flour cakes. Tejina is clearly differentiated by three zones El Pico, Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo. Each “street” elaborates its heart and then is transported to the place of the church where they will be hung for joy and enjoyment of the neighbors. Each heart has a fruit that prevails among all the components that make up the design, in El Pico is the pear, in the Calle Arriba is the pineapple and in the Calle Abajo is the lemon. With a weight of up to 900 kilos and 12 meters high, the men carry them up to the church square. Put them there and start a fun ritual in which each one criticizes the other hearts with mischief.


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