The most authentic natural pool in Tenerife

/The most authentic natural pool in Tenerife

The most authentic natural pool in Tenerife

Get to know the natural pool of the Pris, one of the most authentic ones of its kind in Tenerife.

The pool is located in the fisher’s town with the same name, the Pris. It is a coast town of about 380 inhabitants which is mostly engaged in fishing.


Very close to the pool, you can find a bus station, specifically for the route 023, that makes the journey from Tacoronte to the Pris.


Through the coast of this town, you can find several bars and restaurants, which mostly have fresh fish as their specialty. The Pris has a pier, a sports center, a children’s park, several apartment complexes, and a post of a lifeguard, first aid, and maritime Rescue.


Likewise, there is also a promenade through the coast that communicates the natural pool of the Pris with the neighboring town of Mesa del Mar, that has a natural pool.


As for the natural pool of the Pris, you can access the pool zone through several stairs that will take you from the road to the pool, and there is also an access ramp. Once you are in this area, there is a down ramp with a railing to go into the water, ideal for the elderly and children who want to take a good swim.


In the back part of the pool, there is a small stone wall that can be used to sit quietly to observe the sea and the pool. If you prefer to lie down to take a sunbath, there is also a zone where you can do that.


The pool is separated from the open sea by a wall, and when the tide is high enough, you can barely see the wall and yo can’t see a clear difference between the pool and the open sea. This makes the water to be in a continuous movement and regeneration, so it is usually very clean and the feeling is unique. It is like taking a swim directly in the ocean but in a much safer way.


Next to the pool, there is also a small black sand beach, but it is quite small and the waves tend to be quite big so usually it is a better choice to take a swim in the pool.


Main data

– Name: Natural pool of the Pris

– Location: Municipality of Tacoronte, the town of the Pris.

– UTM Coordinates: X: 360.897,13   Y: 3.154.483,65

– Latitude, Longitude: 28,50964054 N, -16,42142504 O

– Type of beach: Saltwater natural pool

– Approximate dimensions: 60 meter (length) x 20 meter (width)

– Degree of occupation: Medium-high during the summer months, low the rest of the year.


How to get to the Natural Pool of the Pris?


From the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you have to take the north Highway or TF-5. Leave the highway at the exit of Los Naranjeros (if you prefer, you can also exit through the next exit of Tacoronte).


– Take the road TF-152 (Road from La Laguna to El Sauzal).

– Once you arrive at Los Naranjeros, you have to take a deviation to the right and go into a street named Lomo colorado.

– Continue straight through the Juan Pérez street and make a left in the Calle Adelantado and Calle del Calvario until your reach a roundabout.

– In the roundabout, take the first exit to the right toward the TF-16 (Road from Tejina to Tacoronte).

– A little bit forward make a left entering the Medico Ernesto Castro street.

– Turn left toward the road Puerto de la Madera, then you will enter the Juan Fernández street and finally you will take Tf-163 from Calle Guerra Tejina towards el Pris.

– Continue until you reach the coast where you will be able to park in the designated parking areas.

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