The best places to do scuba diving in the South of Tenerife

/The best places to do scuba diving in the South of Tenerife

The best places to do scuba diving in the South of Tenerife

A tour to see where you can do scuba diving in the South of Tenerife, and enjoy its crystal clear waters and numerous shoals of fish

In our previous article we showed you the best places to do scuba diving in the north of Tenerife, today we are going to continue our tour to see where you can do scuba diving if you are in the southern zone of Tenerife.

The sea bottoms of the southern zone of the islands are ideal for the touristic and sportive scuba diving due to the quality of its waters, the protection that the orography gives them from the Trade Winds, and the visibility. The crystal clear waters and the basalt rocks not covered by algae in many areas create an interesting landscape to enjoy while you are in the water. In this area of the island you can dive in some interesting places such as:

The Condesito

The Condesito is an old cargo ship of 30 meters of longitude that transported cement and sunk after hitting some reefs some time ago. Although the front part is really damaged, the castle in the back is intact and it is very interesting to visit. It is a not very deep immersion with only 12 to 18 meters of depth.

During the tour, you will be accompanied by some predators of a certain size, that round the Condesito looking for fish like groupers, moray eels, “escorporas”, trumpet fish, shrimps, and many other species.  

Punta Prieta

In Punta Prieta you will find moray eels, angel fish, and groups of “herreras” and “roncadores”.  Sometime there is so much color that it seems like we are in the Caribbean sea. Sometimes you can also find barracudas as well as different varieties of black, green, and duck peak eels.


You can access a deep wreckage from the coast of Tenerife

The small residential town of Tabaiba is an ideal place to do an immersion that starts in the coast to see a wreckage. The wreckage of Tabaiba is a 35 meters long boat called “El Peñon”. It was sunken as an artificial reef in the Northeast coast of Tenerife in 2006 to enrich the marine life in this place and promote scuba diving. The ship has a 30 degrees slope and has a maximum depth of 32 meters. In its dismantled inner part you will find polyps, octopus and some bog eels, famous among divers.

Immersion with nitrox near Tabaiba

This immersion has a medium difficulty, due to its depth, and it allows the divers with some experience in wreckages to refine their technique. At the same time, it is an ideal place to dive with a nitrox mixture, which will give you time to search for the inhabitants of this recent reef. The way to and from the ship is not very attractive, but it can surprise you with important banks of fulas. Around the wreckage you can see nice trumpet fish, a big bank of bicudas and shoals of horse mackerels and medregales.

San Miguel

Immersion for experts in the south of Tenerife

The most experimented divers have a very demanding immersion in the south of Tenerife. It is 45 meters of maximum depth and offers amazing landscapes of submarine ravines, arches, caves and sand banks, as well as fascinating sea life. San Miguel starts with a journey in the direction of Punta de Rasca from Los Cristianos port or from Las Galletas. After a straight descent of 28 meters by the guiding rope, the diver starts a route dominated by strong currents and unforgettable views.

Arches with coral reefs at a 40 meters depth

One of the most spectacular points in San Miguel is a thin open arch, in the volcanic rock at -40 meters, that leads to a vault covered with black coral and then opens into a terrace of golden sand. The excellent visibility that you still find at 45 meters of depth allows you to identify “mantelinas” and big angel fish posed on the sand. In another hot spots you will encounter big groupers and the sight of shoals of bicudas and some pelagic species that live around this place.


Diving with big turtles in Tenerife

In Costa Adeje there is a small hidden bay where you can do snorkeling next to curious big size turtles. It is in the little port of Armeñime, a group of houses with a beautiful arched shaped beach, situated int he middle of a semicircular and sheltered bay just a few kilometers away from the touristic center of the west of Tenerife. You can swim in its crystal clear and pacific waters between green turtles, that can weight up to 20 kilos and are accustomed to human presence, leaving with an unforgettable souvenir.

Immersion for the whole family in Costa Adeje

This immersion, also known as El Puertito, is very simple. You can access it directly from the beach of El Puertito or from a boat, and the average and maximum depth is 6 and 15 meters respectively. If you choose snorkeling, it can be done in family, as there are no currents and the turtles are very accustomed  to humans. Nonetheless, you have to be carful with the touristic boats that usually come to this place, but you can avoid them if you get there first thing in the morning.  


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