Camping in Tenerife, a good option for the summer

/Camping in Tenerife, a good option for the summer

Camping in Tenerife, a good option for the summer

A different way to enjoy nature in the Island of Tenerife is to go camping. This activity offers us the opportunity to enjoy the nature and outdoors without the day to day rush.


The first thing we must do is choose a destination, the place where we want to go camping. Once we have picked the zone, we must gather a couple elements, like the tent, the sleeping bag, and the rest of the equipment and materials we are going to need to have an outdoor experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible, like the cooking tools, water, food, etc. We also need our personal hygiene stuff and a small first aid kit. It is also important to have a good backpack, as it must be an adequate one, taking into account how much time you are going to spend camping, the area you are going to, and the weather your are going to find during your stay. We should never take with us more than we are going to need.


To go camping in Tenerife can turn your holidays into a great experience, as there are different prepared areas where you can enjoy our natural spaces, where you can spend the night in a tent, in a mobile home, in a trailer or in other adapted vehicles or even without one for as long as seven days in a row, with previous authorization. Most of this areas do not have many services, but because they are usually near recreational zones, there we can find services as bathrooms, cookers, and water, the campers can use these services in the terms established for the recreational areas themselves.


During the summer there are many people that decide to take their stuff and go camping. With 200 euros and a tent, you can spend some days in beachfront and with all the luxuries from an apartment. Although on the Island there are more than 11.000 camping lovers, Tenerife only have three regulated zones for camping: in the Punta del Hidalgo (La Laguna), the Tejita (Granadilla de Abona) and Tajao (Arico), and  two camping zones, an esplanade in Tajao (Arico) and another one in the dock of Puerto de la Cruz.


It is very important to remember that for being able to use the camping areas on the Island, you must ask for a previous authorization, either to camp properly, for camping in a private mount o to camp on the road.


Campers must remember that once the camping is finished the area where you have been must be properly cleaned, and you must leave everything as you have found it. To respect the environment is the most important thing so we can enjoy it.


Advice for Camping in Tenerife


  1. The first and most important thing is to ask for a camping permission in the Cabildo de Tenerife at least 10 days before you plan to go camping.


  1. You must camp in the specific zones intended for this end. Camping is mostly free, although there are some places where you have to pay.


  1. In the camping areas the maximum period of stay is seven days, but if you are going on a journey you can obtain a camping permission for 24 hours outside these areas.


  1. The camping zones don’t have services of their own, but most of them are near recreational areas that have facilities and services, and you can use them under the established conditions.


  1. In the camping areas, you can only light fires for cooking, either in the cookers that exist for that purpose or with gas cylinders of up to 3kg, that must be installed in a surface free of any vegetation and nearby objects. It is forbidden to use portable barbecues.


  1. Check for the weather in the area.


  1. Take your mobile phone with you and inform your friends and family of your outing.


  1. If you are going to use the bus, confirm the lines and timetables in the web of Titsa.


  1. Enjoy nature without altering it … Remember that your help is essential for its conservation!


One of the best ways to admire and be in touch with nature, and also escape the stresses of your daily routine in the city, a more personal way to take a holiday, with the added advantage of being a practical and cheap way to enjoy the beauty our island has to offer.


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