Charming places to visit in the north of Tenerife (Isla Baja) Part 1

/Charming places to visit in the north of Tenerife (Isla Baja) Part 1

Charming places to visit in the north of Tenerife (Isla Baja) Part 1

Throughout the years, the canarian population has developed a particular personality that has defined its particular and cheerful way of doing things. A way of being that has defined their architecture. This can be seen in the multiple traditional rural towns, small villages of white houses and historical city centers that summarize the life of the population and that you are going to love visiting in the Isla Baja of Tenerife.

When you consider them altogether they are a good example of the canarian identity. They are ideal places to walk by, with emblematic buildings that are of great cultural interest and corners full of charm that are an image of the past of the islands and their people. To relax in this places there is nothing better than to take a break and taste one of the zone’s wines or a traditional dish surrounded by the beauty of this landscapes.

The small village of Masca

The most visited rural town in Tenerife

If you want to visit and get to know the rural areas of Tenerife, besides the tourist centers, a visit to the small village of Masca is unavoidable. Located in the middle of the mountain range of Teno, with a singular and wild landscape in the Northwest side of the island, Masca will surprise the visitor with its well preserved houses and its cobbled streets; living examples of Tenerife’s rural architecture. Many of the houses have been adapted as lodgings where you can leave the city stress behind and let yourself be carried away by the slow pace of time.

Ethnography, history, and pathways in Tenerife

It is usual to find tourists in Masca that search for something beyond the beaches and the sun. The small village offers arts & crafts stores, bars, and restaurants. It has been declared as an ethnographic and historical site of interest. This is widely reflected in the ethnographic museum of Masca. Another attraction is the impressive landscapes of ravines and cliffs; the pathway that goes down to the ravine of Masca is one of the most popular and visited ones in the island.

Teno Alto

An isolated rural town in Tenerife

In the heart of the rural park of Teno, in the Northwest area of Tenerife and after a sinuous road, you arrive to the town of Teno Alto, a bastion of the island’s rural costumes where quietness is patent and the essence of a town that has adapted to the isolation they have suffered until not many decades ago. This isolation doesn’t mean that their inhabitants doesn’t have a welcoming character towards the many visitors that come to the town.

Teno alto is a small village full of landscapes and pathways.

Such an isolation has allowed a rich ethnographic legacy to survive in their tile ovens or their “eras”: stone enclosures where the cereal was threshed. Also, in their traditional rural houses with wide walls of reddish rocks. Teno Alto is an invitation to visit its landscapes through its multiple pathways. You must not leave without having tried its excellent goat cheese from the village store, and there is a chance that the visitors will fall in love with the town and will like to spend the night in one of the available rural houses, where they can breath its tranquility.

Buenavista del Norte

A nice village at the foot of a mountain

Buenavista is the last town in the north of Tenerife; the roads end in it, and besides it there is only the fortress of the Teno Mountains. This northern village lives at their feet, but its charm not only comes from the amazing landscape that surrounds it. It has been declared as Site of Interest with the category of historical set due to the layout of its manor streets and the numerous examples of small traditional houses that mix the different style contributions brought by the conquerors.  

A stroll through the old streets and plazas

The beginning of the visit should start in the church and the plaza of Los Remedios, meeting point for the local people. Around it you find buildings from the XVI and XVII centuries that have been carefully restored and that create a historic old town with its own character. In its main streets there are small tile houses, and in the one named El Chorro you can find the old washing place, of undoubted ethnographic value. You cannot leave without visiting the awarded bakery of El Aderno.


The first port of Tenerife in the XV century

In the north of the Island of Tenerife, Garachico offers the opportunity to know how the oldest villages of the Canary Islands looked like. Founded at the end of the XV century by a Genovese banker, its port was a reference point in the commercial trade between Europe and the Spanish colonies in America. Destroyed in 1706 by a volcanic eruption, it now offers quiet walks through plazas and pedestrian streets very close to the seashore, always in front of the natural monument of the garachico’s volcanic stack.

Site of Cultural Interest and Gold Medal of Fine Arts

The history of Garachico can be known by walking through its small historic center, that is full of a rich architectural heritage from the XVI and XVII centuries. It is one of the best preserved historical centers and one of the most representative of the Canary Islands. It was declared Site of Cultural Interest in 1994 in the category of Historical Complex, and the town also has the Gold Medal of Fine Arts for its artistic treasures. The visit to Garachico can be completed with routes through natural landscapes such as the Caleta de Interán, the Chinyero volcano or the cliff of La Culata.

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