Some delicacies of the canarian food that your should not miss

/Some delicacies of the canarian food that your should not miss

Some delicacies of the canarian food that your should not miss

Following the thread of our previous post, we show you some delicacies of the canarian food that you should not miss, if you come to the Canary Islands for your holidays.


Through the gastronomy you can always get to know one place. That is why, it is not weird that the Canary Islands have a typical food that is full of contrasts, with well seasoned dishes and fresh and healthy ingredients, consequence of its temperate climate and of a volcanic land that gives them a special flavor. Besides, many of the products that are handcrafted are under a protected appellation of origin, like some of the cheeses and wines.


To discover the Canary Islands is, besides a pleasure for your sight, also one for your mouth.


Chorizos de Teror Sandwich


The people from Gran Canaria says that a good Chorizo de Teror sandwich tastes better after a pilgrimage to the Basilica of the patron saint of the island, the Virgen del Pino. The chorizo de Teror (Gran Canaria) is together with the one from La Palma the best known sausages from the islands. It is a little bit like the sobrasada and it is used to spread on bread or to make sandwiches.


Grilled cheese with mojo


The grilled cheese with mojo is the main star of the starter dishes in the delicacies of the canarian food, specially in the western islands. For the cheese to be ready to be grilled it must be a little bit hard, as usually soft cheese is used. After being grilled the cheese melts and the green mojo gives it a unique taste.

In the Canary Islands there is a great variety of cheese, mostly of goat, that have been recognized with international awards. The most known are the ones from Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife.


Roasted leg


Between the most popular sandwiches in the bars and cafeterias of the Canary Islands we find the roasted pork leg, that is also served as a tapa. This product is eaten throughout the year, although its origin  in the canarian food comes from the christmas dishes.

It can be bought in slices in the supermarkets or it can be ordered in specialized places. The roasted leg, related with family celebrations and festive moments, is also known in the mainland Spain as “Canarian leg”.




This is a typical delicacies of the canarian food for dessert made with milk, corn flour, lemon, eggs, sugar, butter, raisins, cinnamon and almonds. In some places instead of milk they use water, depending on the family or island’s version.


Until a few years ago it was just another dessert, but nowadays it is not so commonly cooked. There are very respectable industrial versions that are sold in supermarkets, although it is always better to ask, for example in a Guachinche, if they one they offer is homemade.




It comes from the Island of El Hierro. This dessert (shaped like a star or a flower) is made with fresh cheese, eggs, wheat flour, sugar, lemon, and anise. It is a recipe that has passed from generation to generation and which is still today prepared in a handmade way.

If you are going to try it, you should know that usually you will be full with just one unit. It is also not a bad idea to take a dozen so you can share them with your friends when you come back from the Islands.


delicacies of the canarian food

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