Eight beaches to visit with dogs in the Canary Islands

/Eight beaches to visit with dogs in the Canary Islands

Eight beaches to visit with dogs in the Canary Islands

We show you the beaches to visit with dogs in the Canary Islands, approved by the Canarian government to the use and enjoyment of our furry friends.

To go to the beach with dogs is not weird in the Canary Islands. Any of the little coves that are spread over the seven islands are perfect for or four leg friends to enjoy a day of running in the sand and swimming in salt water. Nowadays, there are eight canarian beaches to visit with dogs are allowed, a number that has grown little by little over the past few years and that shows that the coexistence with these animals in the beach is perfectly possible. You just have to apply the same rules that already exist in the city’s streets.


These eight beaches have been declared pet-friendly by the Canarian Government. Along the canarian coast, there are multiple coves and small beaches, far from the main touristic centers, where it is quite common for the bathers go with their animals to spend a day in the sun at the beach. In all the cases, there are certain basic rules that should be respected; to remove your pet’s waste; bring their vaccination and ID card; dogs should always be on a leash and they should be accompanied by an adult, and in the case of a potentially dangerous race, they should wear a muzzle.  


Gran Canaria


The beach of Bocabarranco. in the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Telde. This dark sand beach is at the end of the Jinámar ravine. It has a semi-urban character, so it has certain services like trash cans and organic residues deposits. We are on a beach of almost a thousand meters in length, and a medium width that is over 60 meters. It is also a windy place with waves that go from moderate to strong during most of the year. It was the first beach for dogs in all of the Canary Islands.


The beach of The Tres Peos. The municipality of Agüímes. Beautiful sand beach located only a few meters away from the southern corner of the Vargas Beach, one of the windsurf sanctuaries around the world. It does not have any kind of services and it is a rather windy zone. Fortunately, the form of the bay protects this spot from the strength of the waves.


Beach of Los Cuervitos. Next to the Beach of the Tres Peos – Agüímes. We are in front a small rock cove located to the south of the Beach of the Tre Peos and, as the before mentioned, does not have any kind of services.




EL Puertito – Municipality of Güímar. The area dedicated to dogs is in the southern corner of this huge dark sand beach located on the southeast coast of Tenerife. It was the second dog-friendly beach in the Canary Islands, where 200 meters have been enabled for dogs to swim and play. One of the great advantages of El Puertito is its urban character, which implies all the services you can expect from this type of spaces. The calm waters (as it has a protection spike) are another positive point for this beach in Tenerife.


El Cabezo beach – El Médano. The municipality of San Miguel de Abona. Located just to the north of the town of El Medano (in the Punta de la Jarquita). It is a space that alternates dark sand and big rocks. It has a length of 260 meters and is very close to El Medano. It has parking spaces and a cleaning service.


El Confital Beach – Municipality of San Miguel de Abona. We are dealing with a small sand space of about 150 meters of length located to the south of the La Tejita Beach. Very close to this place there is a famous beach bar, well known around the island, “El Chiringuito Pirata”. The beach has adapted services like the waste deposits as a consequence of people’s demand.




Las Coloradas Beach (El Afre) – Municipality of Yaiza. It is a half pet-friendly beach, as for the moment, dogs are only allowed between 7 and 10 am and 7 and 9 pm. We are talking about a beach that alternates rocks with sand, and that has a length of over 400 meters. It is in the middle of the urban area of Playa Blanca, which allows the access to the services of urban beaches. But it has the limitation of the allowed hours.


La Palma


Los Guirres beach- Tazacorte municipality. It is only a few kilometers to the north of the Puerto Naos, and authorities have made a good choice by selecting a good beach to visit with dogs in the Canary Islands. The beach, made out of stones and dark sand, reserves its northern half for animals. The waves in the area tend to go from moderate to strong, so you must extreme the precautions.

beaches to visit with dogs in the Canary Islands

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