Enjoy the Romerias in Tenerife, know when and where to see them

/Enjoy the Romerias in Tenerife, know when and where to see them

Enjoy the Romerias in Tenerife, know when and where to see them

Between paganism and religion, between joy and tradition, history, culture, and identity get together to celebrate on of the most emblematic holidays of the island: The Romerias.

The romerias are one of the most iconic and traditional representations of the Canarian folklore and culture.

We tell you when to enjoy the Romerias in Tenerife.

These attractive processions are related since years with livestock and agriculture, to the celebration and the thanksgiving for good crops. The patron saint of each town is taken out in procession and honored with folkloric music and traditional cuisine that is distributed free of charge to the participants. The oldest romería celebrated in the Canary Islands is the one to honor of Nuestra Señora del Socorro in Güímar with more than a hundred years of history.

There are many towns that celebrate them with a great splendor and they can last for weeks. The trees are decorated with fruits and vegetables’ baskets, flags, and farm implements. Products from the land that can also be found in the ox and cow carts that parade during the romeria together with livestock, folkloric music groups and walking stalls that invite visitors to a glass of wine, a piece of meat in the marinade, a potato, or some season’s fruit.

Another of the great attractions of this type of celebrations is the “Baile de Magos” where thousands of people dressed in the typical rural costumes of the different zones of the islands get together to enjoy live music and share moments of joy around the table.

Now, we are going to tell you when to enjoy the Romerías of Tenerife. The following are the most known in the islands and we invite you to live them together with the canarians.

  • The municipality of Tegueste celebrates its Romería on the 30 of April 2017 to honor San Marcos. It will be followed on the 15 of may by the Romería Chica and on the 28 with the romería to honor San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza, both in Los Realejos.
  • After that other romerías will take place in northern and southern towns of Tenerife, being of special relevance the one of San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza in Las Mercedes (May) and Guamasa (June)(Municipality of La Laguna), in Tacoronte (July), and in La Orotava (25 of June).
  • Nexts ones are the regional one of San Benito Abad in La Laguna (9 of July), the one of San Roque in Garachico (16 of August) and the one of San Agustín in Arafo and San Roque in Vilaflor (at the end of August); in San Miguel they are celebrated in September.

The Romerías in the case of Tenerife were parties historically thought for the high classes. Dressed in the clothes of the farmers they gathered to emulate the rural traditions, to drink wine from the land, eat goat and cow’s meat, and everything under the religious celebration of certain saints related with crops, water or the earth. They soon became very popular, and what was meant to be an extremely exclusive party became a celebration for the common people. Nowadays the Romerías, like the one in Los Realejos, group together displays of autochthonous sports, like shepherd’s jump, club, canarian fight, with demonstrations of the field labours to encourage interest in rural cultural values with activities that go from wheat thresher to milking goats and sheep, there are also craft samples related with basketry, pottery, lace knitting and embroidery, traditional desserts or tin  toys.

Going to any of the Romerías in Tenerife will allow us to enjoy the most representative popular celebrations in many towns. In Tegueste the color of the ox carts that pretend to be boats, decorated with fruits and seeds, will surprise us with the creativity of its designs. In Los Realejos we can enjoy the new wines from this area. In August the party of the water to honor San Agustín is celebrated in the southern town of Arafo.

Romerias in Tenerife


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