Four spectacular beaches to enjoy in Tenerife in a different way

/Four spectacular beaches to enjoy in Tenerife in a different way

Four spectacular beaches to enjoy in Tenerife in a different way

The Island of Tenerife has some spectacular and intimate coastal corners that can turn a day on the beach into a high-level traveling experience. Ponds, black sand beaches surrounded by cantilevers, underwater accessible caves, and crystal clear water bays are all part of this catalogue, completely subjective, of somewhat different beaches is Tenerife. We know we don’t have them all, but we love these ones and that is why we recommend them to the travelers that want to enjoy Tenerife in a different way as the canarians do. We propose you a visit to the island through these spectacular beaches to enjoy in Tenerife, without leaving the south of the island.

Montaña Roja from La Tejita Beach

From La Tejita to Los Abrigos (Access: TF 364 from El Medano). Behind the Montaña Roja and the sands of El Medano, there are two beach myths in the island of Tenerife. The first one is the beach of La Tejita, that besides having huge sandbanks it is also one of the nudist sanctuaries of the island. The second one is the famous “Chiringuito Pirata”, a beach bar with some of the best “good vibes” in all of the island’s coast. La Tejita, with its kilometer of length, is one of the biggest natural beaches in Tenerife, and it is also the starting point for a part of the coast where you can find small sand coves, that are barely visited by a couple swimmers. Around the Punta de El Confital and the Punta del Horno, you can find small beaches, ponds, and small rock formations where you can take a swim without nobody bothering you. This part of the coast ends in the natural pools of Los Abrigos, another place worth visiting and also ideal to go to the sea without the typical crowds of the touristic zones. All these beaches are near populated areas, so they usually have all the services of urban beaches you could need at a convenient distance.

Beach of Antequera

The beach of Antequera (access: by foot from Igueste de San Andrés – 3.6 km each way with strong slopes, or by boat – Naútica Tafor), is another magical place to enjoy in Tenerife. Its difficult access, through a walk of almost four kilometers with big ups and downs, or by boat, makes it one of the less visited of the island, and therefore, one of the loneliest ones. The local people usually go there on the weekends. The reward for the effort of getting there is a sand bank of almost half a kilometer protected by the Punta de Antequera with the impressive background of the Anaga’s mountains. It is a completely virgin beach, so it lacks any type of services. You must bring enough water because of the path, as although it is not very long it is quite hard.

Puerto Santiago

El Tancón of Puerto Santiago (Access by foot from Puerto Santiago by the Street of La Hondura – Next to the hotel Barceló). A simply unique and magical place to enjoy one of the spectacular beaches in Tenerife. One of the best marine caves in the Canary Islands is just two steps away from one of the most important tourist resorts in Tenerife. Is one of the best-kept secrets in the area. When the sea is calmed is one of the most authentic beach experiences in all of the Archipelago. But, if the sea is not very good is better for you to stay away. The cave has a big pond of transparent waters that communicate with the outside part through an opening and also through a channel that leads to the open sea. The zone is also one of the best examples of volcanic basalt columns of all the Canary Islands.

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