The future of nudism in the Canary Islands

/The future of nudism in the Canary Islands

The future of nudism in the Canary Islands

We think a lot about what the future will offer nudists. … Nudism is, of course, a very broad term and there are many different types of nudists …. But we will focus on the social nudist, who likes to spend nude time among others. This is also the most widely accepted definition of nudism.

Many existing nudist organizations are struggling to reach a younger audience, the average age of their members is reaching the age of fifty or sixty and they fear that there will soon be no young members. On the one hand, it is a proven fact that youth seems to be a little more prude. With all those “perfect bodies” in the media these days, the shame of the body is becoming a real disease.

On the other hand, several studies have shown that there were never before so many people, of all ages, open to nudism in the Canary Islands …. This makes it hard to say that nudism is really dying. But nudist organizations if they could be. Not so many years ago, if you wanted to be a social nudist, you had to be a member of an organization. He had to be accepted by the board, pay an annual fee, adhere to the rules and do some tasks within that organization.

Now that options for nudists have grown significantly … on beaches, in campgrounds and resorts with activities like organized dives, or World Nudist Cycle Day, fewer people seem to feel the need to join an organization. Especially younger people. …

Nudism on the other hand, is increasingly accepted … The taboo in which nudity has been, historically and culturally, is being slowly conquered. In fact, public nudity has already been partially accepted since the late 1960s, with the widespread practice of topless sunbathing in southern Europe.

Certainly nudism in the Canary Islands is not dying. We predict that nudist vacations will be booming in the coming years. The number of facilities is increasing, there is a much larger variety (20 years ago, a nudist holiday meant being in a nude camping and little else, now there are resorts, cruises, whatever). There are travel agencies that cater specifically to nudists and more tropical destinations like in the Canary Islands are adopting nudism

Nudist organizations and / or associations on the other hand will lose membership if they do not change their strategies … Many people these days usually pay to spend a day at any nudist place, or they must join a club.

We must not forget that the reason why nudism has become more accepted and why we have so many options today are all because of those organizations. As individuals we will never be able to maintain that trend. We need to be organized in order to secure our future.

There is still a lot of unfinished work, a lot of laws to be changed, a lot of beaches to become use of optional clothing, a lot of people to convince that we are really enjoying a great lifestyle. There are so many things we can still achieve …

The beginning of nudism in the Canary Islands was more than 50 years ago, and since then we have come a long way. Nowadays, in many places, nudism is not something to be ashamed of anymore, it is not something secret, it is not something to do in the forest behind a huge fence. Today we have our own beaches, our own nudist races, our own cruises, our own restaurants and one day each year we are able to bike in the center of many European and American cities, naked …

The general acceptance of nudism must be the first thing to strive for. In our own country and in others. We have to prove to the world that we are not just hippies or perverts, that we are not the “weird guys …”. We want people to see that we have a unique lifestyle, based on trust, respect, harmony and equality.

This is what we should focus on, be less “us and them” and more “we”. Respect is the key word here, we want to be respected for our choice to be naked and on the other hand we have to respect those who decide to wear clothes. Some people like to wear jeans, others like to wear suits, some like to wear nothing at all.


Meet the Nudism organizations in Spain and the Canary Islands where you can find out:


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