Gastronomic route in Tenerife. We are going to the “Guachinches”!

/Gastronomic route in Tenerife. We are going to the “Guachinches”!

Gastronomic route in Tenerife. We are going to the “Guachinches”!

We propose you the best gastronomic route in Tenerife to discover its best restaurants and savor its typical Guachinches.

The island of Tenerife has, besides an unbeatable weather, an unknown, varied, healthy, and rich gastronomy. It is very common, although the situation is improving, that you listen to people from outside the islands saying that the food in Tenerife is not very good, but nothing is further from reality! Many times people give opinions based on their ignorance or on a bad personal experience, but in any case, you end up realizing that you’ve visited Tenerife without checking out the places where the people from the Island eats and you end up loosing another of the amazing things of the island, its gastronomy.

Tenerife’s gastronomy has always been known and it still does, for being a gastronomy based on local products. As you already know, Tenerife, as the other Canary Islands, is geographically far away from the mainland Spain, and the transport of goods has been and is still expensive, so the islanders have always had to take good advantage of the food resources around them.

Today we take you to a gastronomic route through Tenerife, in a very peculiar way, as the locals do. We are going to the “Guachinches”

What are the Guachinches?

The Guachinches are born inside the wine culture. Tenerife has, since the times of the Spanish conquest, national and international fame thanks to its wines. It was the Spaniards who introduced the vineyards and the families in the island who took care and cultivated them. Writers as famous as William Shakespeare or Sir Walter Scott made reference to the wines of Tenerife in some of their works. Nowadays the island has 5 appellations of origin for their wines.

The Guachinches started in the garages or in some of the rooms of the countryside houses where the wives of the farmers and  winemakers, prepared and served tapas of homemade food to accompany the numerous friends and neighbors gatherings around a good glass of country wine, as they name the wine from their own crops.

Today, they are still particular houses where four or five dishes of typical canarian food are served, with wine and water. It is not allowed to serve soft drinks, coffee or desserts, unless they are homemade, and they can’t be more than two. Most of them are in the middle of the countryside surrounded by vineyards.

The most typical dishes from the gastronomic route of the Guahcinches, are usually the spoon dishes like stews, chickpeas or fabada and the Canary ranch. Salads, pork meat served in a dish called “carne fiesta”, salted ribs with potatoes and corn, grilled ribeye or ribs, rabbit in “Salmorejo” or goat’s meat, fish and seafood like the “sargo”, the “cherne”, the “sama”, the “vieja” or “bocinegro”, as well as limpets and shrimp, salted potatoes with mojo, scrambles eggs with chorizo and “ropa vieja”. In the guachinches they just serve healthy and homemade food.

Don’t expect to find luxury, the recipients to serve the wine are usually recycled bottles, so it is very common that you get your wine in and old liquor bottle, the tablecloth are a piece of printed plastic, all the dishes are from a different set and they put your paper napkins. What does it matter! the important thing is that the food is healthy, tasty, cheap and you have a familiar and relaxed environment.

Where are they and how to find them?

The Guachinches are found around the entire island, but they are more common in the North, in the towns located between San Cristóbal de La Laguna and El Puerto de la Cruz, and the most famous ones are in the towns of La Matanza de Acentejo, La Victoria, Santa Úrsula, La Esperanza and El Ravelo.

The best thing to do is to ask in your hotel, to a taxi driver or to the inhabitants of this towns, as they can easily guide you to the best guachinches, based on their own experience, specially regarding its quality and price, and then you’ll avoid being overcharged or having a bad experience. If you have enjoyed a Guachinche leave us your comments and in that way you can help our readers in their next visit to Tenerife.

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