Guide for nudist beaches in north of Gran Canaria

/Guide for nudist beaches in north of Gran Canaria

Guide for nudist beaches in north of Gran Canaria

Following with the previous article, today we want to inform you of the nudist beaches in north of Gran Canaria, as special and wonderful as those found in the south of the island. Come discover them:

  • El Confital (Access: C/ Coronel Rocha – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria-; 28º 9′ 34,954″ N 15º 26′ 6,869″ W). Finally, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria catch up by creating a decent space for the practice of naturism (although we are still missing a place in Las Canteras). The enabled zone established by the City Hall of the capital of Gran Canaria is the one between “El cabezón Negro” and “El Zoco”, that means the northern end of the beach. This wonder of nature combine zones of rock and sand. Nonetheless, you have to be careful because the waves are quite strong in this place (it is a very famous surf zone). Another advantage of this beach is its closeness to all the restaurants and leisure centers of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • Las Salinas (Access: GC-2; 28º 8′ 57,916″ N 15º 31′ 11,948″ W). This small stone cove is near the Salinas del Bufadero, a salt extraction facility from the XVth century, being the oldest one in the Canary Islands, and one of the five historical salt lakes that still exist in Gran Canaria. It is a place with strong waves, so you have to be very careful. Also near San Felipe, you can find the Punta del Angosto (28º 9′ 1,433″ N 15º 36′ 55,399″ W), where you can go by foot from this last place. We want to reiterate our warning. To swim here is quite dangerous so you have to be very careful.
  • La Redonda Beach (Access: Churuca Street from El Agujero 28º 9′ 45,687″ N 15º 39′ 30,429″ W). The town of Galdar guards a good collection of coastline spaces where naturism is a common practice. La Redonda is one of them. Located next to El Frontón (that has become one of the most appreciated waves for surfers worldwide). It is a small beach of only 45 meters of length between rocks. The waves tend to be quite strong. It is very close to the beach of La Guancha, that is also visited by naturists.
  • Caletón de Los Cangrejos (Access: Camino del Sobradillo from Sardina de Gáldar ; 28º 10′ 8,713″ N 15º 41′ 12,403″ W) located in a zone of riffs (You have to get there by foot although you can leave your car very close) is a small rock cove of a little bit more than 50 meters of length, where small ponds are formed. As all the beaches in this area, the waves tend to be strong.
  • Paso del Salgo (Access: By foot from the road of El Faro; 28º 9′ 23,328″ N 15º 42′ 14,115″ W). Another rocks’ beach next to a ravine where nudism is a tradition. The beach of El Paso del Salgo fits the typology of bathing areas around the Punta de Sardina. It is a bedrock where the tides form big ponds. It is also exposed to the waves.
  • El Lagarto Beach (Access from GC-202 by foot or dirt road 28º 7′ 51,554″ N 15º 42′ 2,334″ W). Located in the mouth of the Ravine of Simón, this small rock beach is one of the most beautiful ones in this part of the Gran Canarian coastline, and also an ideal place to enjoy a day of natural beaches. The waves tend to be moderate and it is also a windy zone.
  • Guayadera Beach (Access: GC-200; 28º 5′ 1,547″ N 15º 42′ 37,541″ W). Another beach myth in Gran Canaria, that has been forever a usual place for nudists to visit. It is a big beach with more than 200 meters of length, where small rocks and dark sand alternate in a privileged site that puts together nature and history. In the area of this beach, we find important remains from the prehispanic culture of the island. The sunsets in this beach are sublime. Other beaches with a difficult access in the coastline of Agaete are Punta Gorda, Punta Góngora, Faneroque y Sotavento.

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