Guide for nudist beaches in south of Gran Canaria

/Guide for nudist beaches in south of Gran Canaria

Guide for nudist beaches in south of Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands lead the ranking of nudist beaches in Spain. One of every three beaches is usually visited by practitioners of naturism, and we say visited because there is no law that forbids nudism in any coast of Spain. Even so, there are zones that due to tradition, discretion, or just as a consequence of administrative decisions, have become meeting points for the lovers of this natural way to enjoy the beach. In Gran Canaria, the catalog of spaces of a naturist tradition is very diverse and it includes big touristic beaches and small isolated coves. Here we leave you a list of the best naturist beaches of the island, so you can plan a perfect and completely natural day of sun and sea without problems or unwanted observers.

  • Beach of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés (Access: Touristic residential area of Maspalomas, Costa Meloneras and Paya del Inglés, 27º 44′ 8,197″ N 15º 34′ 57,306″ W; all the services). The Gran Canarian beach myth par excellence also has a wide nudist area that covers a large part of both beaches. The area where nudist visitors go starts near the classic “Chiringuito number 7” (about 900 meters away from La Charca) and goes as far as the first meters of the yellow beaches of Playa el Inglés, besides the Punta of Maspalomas. The best thing about this beach is its closeness to the touristic centers from the south of Gran Canaria, and the quality of services inside the bathing zone, that has the European Blue flag that guarantees the quality of the environment, the cleanness and the level of its services. Nearby, in the middle of the International Center of Maspalomas, you find the Magnolias Natura (Address: Avenida Turoperador Tjaereborg, sn; phone: (+34) 928 770122; e-mail:, a naturist bungalow complex that was a pioneer in this type of tourism in the island.
  • Las Mujeres Beach (Access: GC-500; 27º 45′ 4,361″ N 15º 38′ 35,905″ W). The “textile invasion” in the beach of Meloneras, that was until not so long ago a quiet place to practice nudism, has not extended beyond the touristic residential areas, so the part of coast that is between Maspalomas and Arguineguín is a succession of coves and beaches where you can practice nudism without any problem. Las Mujeres beach is in the mouth of the Pocillo ravine and it has about 250 meters of coastline where you have small rocks and black sand. The beach is usually very clean and it has a parking area.
  • La Arena Mountain (Access:  GC-500; 27º 45′ 2,488″ N 15º 38′ 19,237″ W). We are in front a real myth of naturism in the Canary Islands, and also one of the examples of the fight of those who defend Nature for the protection of the virgin coastlines of Gran Canaria. It is a big black sand beach of 250 meters of length,  protected by a huge sand slope that is responsible for its name. The beach is usually perfectly clean (the people that use it is very respectful) and, although it has moderate waves, it is completely safe. A true paradise with a parking space of about 300 meters. Very close to Las Carpintereas, which is also visited by nudists.
  • Triana beach (Access: GC-500; 27º 45′ 17,888″ N 15º 39′ 8,935″ W). Another myth of the island’s nudist movement very close to the Mountain of La Arena. We are in front of a great beach of almost half a kilometer of length and an average width of 40 meters were small rocks, gravel and sand alternate. It has a bus stop on the same beach and also has a nearby area that serves as a parking. It is a completely rustic beach with no services but very clean.
  • El Llanillo and Lomo Galeón (Access: GC-500; 27º 45′ 20,823″ N 15º 39′ 54,507″ W). El Llanillo is the perfect place to combine a day at the beach and the knowledge of the prehispanic cultures of Gran Canaria. This beach of almost 300 meters of length (it alternates rocks, gravel, and sand) also has a unique archaeological site that has been excavated and restored. Regarding Lomo Galeón, it is a small cove of just 40 meters of length. Nonetheless, it is a real paradise of crystal clear and quiet waters. Its isolated character (it is a few kilometers before the fisherman’s town of Arguineguín) makes it not to have any services, but there are many other advantages. It is not crowded at all due to its medium difficulty access  (big slopes).
  • Los Frailes Ravine and Medio Almud (Access: GC-500; 27º 48′ 6,461″ N 15º 44′ 23,725″ W). There are small coves in a zone of the coastline between the touristic residential areas of Costa de Mogán and the Mogans dock. Los Frailes is a small cove that is in the mouth of a ravine located outside the residential area of Tauro. As Los Frailes, Medio Almud is also a small cove of a little bit more than 50 meters of length that occupies the mouth of the Ravine with the same name. It is a dark sand beach.
  • Tiritaña (Access: GC-500; 27º 48′ 26,436″ N 15º 44′ 43,998″ W). A real wonder. Another of the mythical beaches for local naturists to combine quietness and an amazing landscape. Tiritaña is a small cove surrounded and protected by big stone walls, it has very clean waters and it is usually very calm. It is a completely isolated beach with no services although you have the possibility to park your car and there is also a bus stop.

And beyond this, the paradise. The coastline between the Mogán dock and the La Aldea dock is the only area that has been able to survive the urbanistic pressure, so you can find in this zone nudist beaches in south of Gran Canaria. Here, almost every part of the coast is ideal for the practice of naturism with some very special places like Veneguera (where you can access by car), and the spectacular Guyguy, a beach that you can only reach after a long walk or by boat (and we are thankful for that). There are other small and lonely beaches like El Cerrrillo, Los Secos, Tasarte, Tasartico, Las Aneas, or Lioguicha. Most of them are only accessible by foot and boat.


nudist beaches in south of Gran Canaria

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