9 of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

/9 of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

9 of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

The beaches in Anaga in the Northeast area of the Island, are some of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife.


The north zone, from Punta Hidalgo to El Draguillo

We finish this review of the Beaches of Anaga that we started in the previous post, with the most beautiful and hidden zones of the island, in the area from the mouth of the Ravine of Aguas de Dios to the Picacho del Draguillo.

This area has three main zones: the zone of Bajamar-Punta Hidalgo, the steep coast of Las Montañas, and the Arch of Taganana. The first one stands out for being more touristic, with natural pools and more accesible beaches; the second one has coves and small wild and hard to reach beaches; the third one has a mix of the two previous ones, with the beaches of Punta de Anaga that are more touristic and other solitary coves.

  • Bajamar:  In this place que find the beach of Bajamar and of the Callao del Lobo. The first one is a small artificial beach protected by a dyke; the second one is, as its name indicates, a cobblestone beach with some sand and with the typical currents of the northern sea. We also have the Bajamar Pools.
  • Punta Hidalgo:  The legendary Punta has the beaches of the Arenal, and of the Troches, both of black sand and cobblestones, and of wild sea. Furthermore, all this low island is surrounded by coves and ponds that are suitable for swimming. We can also find some pools.
  • Las Montañas:  The steep geography of this zone of Anaga makes that the beaches are not very well known by most of the people, because you have to get there by foot through almost hidden pathways. From the mouth of the ravine of the Casas Bajas, towards the nascent we have the Callao de las Caletas, the beach of Ocadilla, the beach of Pachila and the beaches of Garajao and La Fajana, together with a big amount of hidden coves. All these beaches are of cobblestone and a little bit of sand.
  • Tamadiste: From the Punta de las Fronteras de Arriba (Or the Guincho) to the Punta del Tamadiste, we have the beaches of Callaos de los Salvajes or Callaos de Taborno and the beach of Tamadiste. The first two are almost inaccesible. The beach of Tamadiste is in the mouth of the Afur ravine, and it is a big cobblestone’s beach with a brave sea, so it is dangerous to swim in it, you should only refresh yourself on the shore and on the little ponds, without actually going into the sea. You can reach it from different pathways that start in Taborno, Afur or Taganana.

Now, we are going to talk about the beaches in the called Taganana arch:

  • Taganana: Under the jurisdiction of this town we find a wide stripe of cobblestone beaches from the Punta del Tamadiste to the Cardonal, of which the Callao del Chafarí, the beach of el Tachero and the beach of El Cardonal stand out, all of them are made out of cobblestone and some sand. Just the one of El Tachero, an old port, can be accessed by car.
  • Roque de las Bodegas:  The Taganana’s beach by excellence is the beach of the Roque de las Bodegas, or Roque’s beach, with black sand it is one of the most visited beaches in this area. It can be accessed by car, it has restaurants and a dock in the peculiar volcanic tack that gives its name to the beach. Behind it we find the Callao de las Puntillas, with its big rocks.
  • Almáciga: The beach of Almáciga is also famous for being a zone of surfers and campers. It has a fine black sand and is not far behind the Roque’s beach, in terms of number of visitors. It can also be accessed by car and has some small bars.
  • Benijo: This zone has two nudist beaches, the beach of Benijo and the one of Fabián. You have to walk to get to both of them, but it is a short journey and the road is in good condition. They have black sand and the sea has some strong currents here so you must be careful. The views are amazing as the coast in front of it is full of volcanic stacks and rocks.
  • El Draguillo: We finish with the less visited beaches in this small town. You have the cobblestone beaches of El Draguillo and the beach of Los Rempujos, as well as the one of Callao de la Plata. To get there you must follow semi-hidden pathways.  


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