Natural ponds in Tenerife: La Furnia Pond

/Natural ponds in Tenerife: La Furnia Pond

Natural ponds in Tenerife: La Furnia Pond

La Furnia Pond is one of the best natural ponds in Tenerife.

The La Furnia Pond is ideal for you to visit with your entire family as it is not very big and it is a lot less crowded than normal beaches, which will allow you to fully enjoy this small heavenly place without having your neighbor on top of your towel due to a lack of space.


It is not identified on the maps as a place of touristic interest, which results in many tourists leaving Tenerife without even knowing about its existence.


During the summer, especially during August’s weekends, there is a higher occupation, with barely any free rocks to sit down, the pond is completely full this time of year.


The rest of the year, it is simply wonderful, especially during the mornings. Even in September, you can tell there are fewer people.


But…, let’s come back to the pond in question…


Important, where is it located? Well, we can tell you the La Furnia Pond is located in La Punta del Hidalgo, in the area of the promenade towards the lighthouse of La Punta. If you like this natural pond keep on reading and you will find all the information you need.


Main data that you will need:

Name: Charco La Furnia

Address:  Camino de La Costa San Juanito s/n

Coordinates: (28.570492, -16.332856)




In the La Furnia Pond, there are black sand areas (there is even a small cove at the entrance to your left), pebble zones, and zones of volcanic rocks where nobody is so brave as to sit down there…


You can also sit in the wooded area, and there are even people that find a way to sit down like they were on a hammock. We prefer to sit in the sand areas you can find, as it is more confortable, or on the contrary, if you are only going to take a quick swim, you can sit in one of the rocks near the stairs, where you can leave your towel and jump into the water (with the high tide, if there is a low tide don’t you dare to jump from the top).


The pond itself was formed thanks to the capricious effect that the lava had when it entered into contact with the sea water, it was cooled and adopted many forms leaving holes where natural ponds exist nowadays.


The La Furnia Pond has two differentiated areas:


  1. The area closer to the coast: it has a metallic access stair and a second wooden stair. It is shallower, and the water is usually more calmed, with fewer currents as it is protected by the rocks that surround it. This area is the best one to take a swim with kids or if you are not a very good swimmer. It is better to take a swim in this area when the tide is high so you don’t reach the bottom and you can swim more easily, but about tastes, there is nothing written…

  2. The second access zone to the pond has a metallic access stair to go into the water. It is a little bit further away (actually both ponds are united at a certain point, being just one pond divided into two areas) and it is deeper. From this pond, you can go deeper into the ocean if you want to continue towards the deepest zone where you will be protected by the rocks that act as a wall and as a breakwater reef. When the sea is not calmed, this pond has currents and you have to increase the precaution, and it is better to swim in the first area, which is much safer. When the conditions are good, you can swim in both zones, without any danger.


One of the advantages of this pond is that if the waves are big and the conditions are not good you can still take a swim in the first pond without a problem unless the tide is extremely high and there are waves even inside the pond, which is very unusual.


Tips to go to the La Furnia Pond

– Check the weather forecast: foreseen temperatures, waves, tides…

– Take a look at the webcam in real-time (as the forecast could be wrong)

– We recommend you although it is not indispensable, to wear water slippers. It is more comfortable to use them to walk through the rocks and being able to step on the bottom of the pond.

– You will need the typical beach stuff: hat, sunscreen, towel…

– It is a good idea to bring some food and drinks, a sandwich and some beverages. When you are there the time flies by and you will get hungry. There are also bars and restaurants in the area for every taste, with typical food from the coastal areas, fish, shrimps, squids, and paellas for the most exigent tastes.

– Kids really enjoy places like this one. They can try to hunt some crabs, to fish pejeverdes and cabosios, (typical Canarian pond fish), to play with the little sand there is and to walk through the rocks and ponds.

– We recommend you to bring your snorkeling material.

– There are impressive sunsets, in this zone of the island, and with the landscape, the volcanic rocks and the sea, it will be simply amazing. Take a bottle of champagne and some strawberries and surprise your couple.

– There is no sign that forbids dogs.

– There is a nearby park with a photo-voltaic tree with free WiFi and a playground.


We’ll see you in the La Furnia Pond. If you’ve had a chance to enjoy it tell us your experience.  


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