Places to visit and enjoy in Tenerife in 3 days. Part II

/Places to visit and enjoy in Tenerife in 3 days. Part II

Places to visit and enjoy in Tenerife in 3 days. Part II

Following the last post, we show you more places to visit and enjoy in Tenerife in 3 days, so you make your visit unforgettable.

Every year the “Island of the eternal spring” becomes a pilgrimage place for lovers of the sun, of the best beaches, and the mores exclusive clubs. Nevertheless, this piece of paradise on earth has much more to offer. The biggest of the seven Canary Islands has an undeniable magnetism for millions of tourists every year from around the world. It is not hard to imagine why. History, Culture, world-wide known celebrations, dream beaches, forests that look like taken out of a movie, and a long etc. This Island has a little bit of everything for everybody.

Punta de Teno and Los Gigantes cliffs

The Los Gigantes Cliffs is one of the most spectacular landscapes of all the Canary Islands. In the times of the Guanches (the first inhabitants of Tenerife) it was known as the “Hell’s wall”, and it’s easy to see why, as the height of these cliffs can be as high as 600 meters and at its shores you can reach 30 meters of depth in the sea.

To enjoy Los Gigantes properly, we recommend you to do one of the excursions in kayak, with a swim to see the sea bottom included.

Another activity that you cannot miss, is the excursion to see the dolphins and the whales that live in front of Los Gigantes. For that, the only thing you have to do, is go to Los Gigantes port, where you’ll find a dozen boats that offer you different excursions.

The point with a better panoramic view of Los Gigantes is Punta de Teno. Its road was re-opened to the public in June 2015, after almost two years of being closed to the public. From this place we also have a spectacular view of La Gomera and beautiful sunsets. Here there is also a small beach where you can take a swim and do some snorkeling in a bottom sea with a variety that will conquer you.


Without a doubt, it is one of the prettiest places in the island, and it will leave you breathless. We recommend you to go for a walk around the town and enjoy a good meal in one of its terraces. We recommend it as one of the best places to visit and enjoy in Tenerife.

Furthermore, if you are in for a little bit of adventure, we recommend you to do the Masca’s cliff trail, without a doubt one of most beautiful ones of the island. When you finish the route, you’ll arrive to a beach where you’ll have to take a boat that will take you to Los Gigantes.

To take the boat we recommend that you buy the ticket in the town, although there is usually people that sells them on the beach. If you are driving there, we propose you to park it in Masca and then take the bus from Los Gigantes.

Going to Guachinches in Tenerife

To visit Tenerife without going to a Guachinche is not a proper visit. The Guachinches give us the opportunity to eat the most typical canarian dishes in a homely atmosphere with no parallel.

Originally the Guachinches were created to help winemakers sell their wine, serving it with some tapas. This costume evolved until today, where the guachinches have augmented their space and their available dishes.

The Guachinches are mostly distributed in the north of Tenerife, but if you have never been to one, they might be difficult to find, that is why we recommend you to install de Guachapp app, as you can use it to choose between lots of them, see their locations and see the people’s reviews. In case your choice is too hard, we recommend you to visit El Bullicio, La Salud, Los Gomez, el Fonil or Charillo.

One of the things that surprise the tourists the most is the price of these places, since for eight euros more or less, you can enjoy a delicious meal with generous amounts of wine. When you are ordering we advise you to try the escaldon, the ropa vieja, the potatoes with mojo, the carne en fiesta and the chickpeas.

Massages and Spa in Tenerife

You are enjoying your holidays to the maximum, and a visit to the Spa is one of the best moments of the day. It is the time where your body gets relaxed and completely renewed, and your mind goes away.

Aqua Club Termal is the multifunctional thermal center leader in the Canary Islands and in Europe. It has 1,000 square meters of water at 34ºC, 800 square meters of gym, cabins for individual and couples massages, and everything with the service of a big and experienced team of professionals. Aqua Club Termal is a health and wellness temple within the reach of everybody, with unique and innovative treatments in an exclusive environment. Remember the best places to visit and enjoy in Tenerife, so your experience in the island is unique.

spa massage offer in tenerife

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