How to prepare your skin for the sun in Tenerife

/How to prepare your skin for the sun in Tenerife

How to prepare your skin for the sun in Tenerife

The first thing you have to do for your skin to be in perfect conditions when you get to the beach or when you decide to lie down in a park during lunch time is to exfoliate it. That’s right, you must clean it correctly to eliminate all those impurities your skin is subjected to on a daily basis, specially during the winter when we don’t “show” it so much and we neglect it a little. It is true that due to the cold we don’t hydrate it as we should or we don’t pay enough attention to it as it is under our trousers or sweaters.

You can use a prepared exfoliant or you can prepare your own with sugar, honey or oats. Apply it homogeneously in all of your body, but specially on your face and shoulders. The important thing is that you get rid of the dead cells and leave space for the new skin. You can buy a sisal’s glove, very effective for this cases, because it reactivates blood circulation and cellular renovation, allowing more oxygen and “air” to reach the dermis.

The second step is the in depth hydration. As it was said before, we don’t pay enough attention to our skin during the winter, we don’t see if it is dry, with flakes, etc. Once it is free of impurities thanks to the exfoliation, we have to hydrate it. Pay attention because the face lotions are different from those for the body. You can use a different product for each area, for example, for the hands, arms, legs, feet, etc.

The important thing is that the lotion deeply hydrates the dermis, that it brings softness and brightness to it, and that it continues with he previous cleansing. With the pores already opened, it is easier for the skin to obtain all the benefits from the chosen products. For the face, you should use a moisturizer according to your skin type that protects you from external aggressions like the sun, sand, wind, etc. Your skin should be fresh, hydrated and radiant.

The third step is to follow a proper diet, taking care of what you eat every day. It is worthless to use the best and most expensive lotions to exfoliate and hydrate if we don’t take care of our inner self. Foods that are rich in carbon are ideal for this case. In this group we find, for example, melons, apricots, tomatoes, and carrots. They stimulate the melanin synthesis and they help to get a better tan, more even and uniform. Every morning on an empty stomach you should take a glass with the juice of one lemon and mineral water.

It will avoid your skin from getting red, it will purify it and besides, it will become a defensive barrier from any summer illness (taking into account that temperatures drop during the night and that when you spend all the day in the sun the body heats up). One last thing  you shouldn’t forget is that vitamins and antioxidants are very important for your health, not only during the summer but throughout the whole year. To obtain vitamin A you should eat fish like salmon or mackerel, and for vitamin E, vegetable oils and cereals.

The last step of this four clues is getting some tan before you throw yourself to the sea or to the pool. How? With a gradual approach to UV rays. To be honest, we all love to arrive to the beach with some previous tan, so we don’t look like a ghost. Do it progressively, adding five minutes every week. Tanning lotions or make-ups are not advisable because they just provide a temporary effect and at the same time they cover up you pores and they take off the brightness of your skin.

Once you’ve done the previous steps you should slowly start sunbathing. You have several months ahead, from the beginning of spring until the arrival of your long awaited holidays. Use the weekends or any spare moment you have. Remember the recommended times to go sunbathing, and that when it is cloudy the sunlight is still present. You should be careful because this weather can be more dangerous as we tend to spend more time exposed without any protection. At the same time, don’t leave sunscreens behind. You can lower the protection gradually. Start with a high factor and switch to a lower one every two weeks, for example.

Once you are in the island you can come to Aqua Club Termal and try some of their wide range of facial treatments (among others), that will free your skin from impurities and dead cells, will stimulate cellular regeneration and oxygenation, leaving your face smooth and bright. All that, without any chemical treatment. In Aqua they will do a study to know which treatment is more suitable for your needs. In aqua they want you to leave with a good memory from your stay in Tenerife.

prepare your skin for the sun

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