Prepare your body in Tenerife to go running

/Prepare your body in Tenerife to go running

Prepare your body in Tenerife to go running

If you want to start taking care of your body, or resume physical activity, your first option is running. This sport is a complete physical activity, easy to perform and it helps us to prepare our body for other physical activities or sports we want to practice: to play football or basketball, for example, the physical condition you acquire from running is essential to endure an entire match. Furthermore, to buy the sports equipment needed for running is far less expensive than to buy the equipment required for any other sport, and you don’t need anybody else to get started: you just put on a good pair of running shoes and there you go! Or not?

Well, no, before you go out to the street or to a park and start running, there are a series of tips that you should really take into account about how to get prepared to start running:

  • To prepare your weekly exercise routine, the first thing you need to do is to know your own limits. To avoid being easily frustrated, the best thing is to start running 10-15 minutes a couple times per week.


  • It is convenient to follow the same route, at least at first, so you can learn the location of the hardest zones where you should save your energies and which ones will require a higher effort. Alternate your first outings with walks to get to know the route.


  • If you’ve already practiced running and you want to do it again, don’t try to start in the same point where you left it. You will notice for sure your lack of shape, so begin again with shorter distances, and at a softer pace, until you feel strong enough.


  • Before each session, you have to stretch and warm up your muscles, and then relax them and stretch them again, finishing with a small session of abs exercises. Between the warm up and the post-running session you should spend in total half the time you’ve run (so if you’ve run for 10 minutes, you should do 2-3 minutes of warm up and 2-3 of relaxing the muscles).


  • Try to go running at the same time every day. In this way, your body will get used to make the extra effort at the same hour. If you are going to do soft sessions, the morning is better as they help you to activate the body. If the sessions are harder, the afternoon is perfect so you have enough time afterwards to recover completely.


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  • Shoes are essential. Try to find training shoes that are adequate for your weight, your type of stride and your sweating.
  • The weight of the training shoes is also important. The lighter they are, they easier they make the running.
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Prepare your body in Tenerife to go running

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