The prettiest places in Tenerife

/The prettiest places in Tenerife

The prettiest places in Tenerife

There is a lot of confusion around the idea of Holidays in Tenerife. Many come to this Canary Island thinking only in one thing: the beach and the sun. But there is much more to see in Tenerife. We have selected for you the most beautiful places in Tenerife if you are one of those terrified with the idea of being lying all day on the beach. Don’t waste your visit to this Island and enjoy it in its entirety.

Benijo’s Beach and the Roque de Anaga (where you can see the best sunsets)

If you enjoy nature in its purest state, you can not miss the Benijo beach. You will enjoy a unique landscape in the Island, with privileged views of the Roques de Anaga. The sunsets are magical, specially when the foam of the waves is mixed with the red horizon and the volcanic Roque’s silhouettes emerging from the bottom of the sea.

Benijo is the most isolated beach in the municipality of Taganana (El Roque de las bodegas y Almáciga), and you arrive to it through a trail with stairs. You can drive to its surroundings, where you will find various restaurants where you can try the typical cuisine of the Island.

You must be extremely careful with the waves, as they are normally quite strong. The beach is visited by people that practice nudism.

The roques are two well preserved monolithic rocks planted in the middle of the ocean that are only accessible by sea. The Roque de Tierra (or of the inside) as the Roque de Fuera (our outside), are constantly defying the waves of the Atlantic with is majestic presence.

Both formations are one of the most characteristic ecological systems in the Canary Islands, being renowned by its scientific, geological, geomorphological and landscaped interest.

The vertebrated fauna that lives in this roques is important, as there are some endemic species in this place. Some of them like the giant lizard of the Roque de Fuera (Gallotia galloti insulanagae) has only been seen in this place. Between the birds, the populations of Bulwer Petrel (Bulweria bulwwerii), of Madeira Petrel (Oceanodroma castro), and of shearwater stand out.

In the top of the Roque de Tierra, there is a spectacular drago’s forest, of almost a hundred specimens.

Lunar Landscape, between Granadilla de Abona and Vilaflor

When you leave the town of Vilaflor de Chasna behind, the road of el Atajo begins, being part of the old royal road of Chasna, ancient communication road between the north and the south of the island. Once your are inside the pinewood, you will pass by Casa Galindo, on the edge of the Las Mesas ravine. Then, you have to cross the ravine to be able to continue the ascent of the Chasna road, where you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Teide. In the descent, you will find the Escurriales viewpoint (lunar landscape), then you will connect with a road that passes next to the Casa de los Llanitos, and then brings you back to the road you used for the ascent, by which you can return to Vilaflor.

The cliffs and the lighthouse in Teno, where there are lighthouses you usually find a great landscape.

The rural Park of Teno is located in the northwest corner of the island of Tenerife, and it is part of the municipalities of Buenavista de Norte, Los Silos, El Tanque and Santiago del Teide. With its 8,063.3 hectares it is one of the most beautiful natural spaces in Tenerife and it has preserved its high ecological, landscaped, and cultural values, largely due to its isolation. When you see the complicated orography of this area, you will find it incredible that people lived here in ancient times.  You will be amazed by the variety of landscapes that include its impressive cliffs, valleys, lowlands, forest zones of Laurisilva, as well as wonderful examples of traditional architecture.

The Laurisilva forests in the Mount of Agua in Teno (in the afternoons it is filled with fog and has a ghostly look)

With its 11 kilometers of length and 343 meters of slope, the trial of Monte del Agua starts in the town of Erjos, an important historical location in Tenerife as it served as a connection point between the north and the south of Tenerife. It is a cultivation area for cereals and for livestock farms, the trail takes place between the laurisilva, the pinewoods, ponds of water, and vegetable gardens inside the mount of El Palmar, in the rural park of Teno.

Teno Alto (So different from anything else)

In the heart of the rural park of Teno, in the northwest area of Tenerife and after a curvy road you arrive to the small village of Teno Alto, a bastion of rural costumes in the island, where quietness rules and you can feel the essence of a town used to be isolated until not many decades ago. This isolation doesn’t detract its inhabitants from having a welcoming character with the visitors that ascend to this place.

Massages and Spas in Tenerife

You are enjoying your holidays to the fullest, and a visit to a Spa is one of the best moments of your day. It is the moment where you and your body get relaxed and completely renovated, and your mind gets to wander away.

Aqua Club Termal is a multifunction termal central, leader in the Canary Islands and in Europe. It has 1000 square meters of water at 34ª, 800 square meters of gym, cabins for individual or couples massages, and everything with the attention of a wide and expert team of professionals. Aqua Club Termal is a temple of health and wellness for all audiences with unique and innovative treatments in an exclusive environment. Remember the best places to visit in Tenerife, as they will make your experience in the island to be unique.

prettiest places in Tenerife

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