How to enjoy routes and trails with children in Tenerife

/How to enjoy routes and trails with children in Tenerife

How to enjoy routes and trails with children in Tenerife

Continuing with the same line of the previous post, we teach you how to enjoy different routes and trails in Tenerife with children, so that this experience becomes a great educational activity that allows the young and the not so young to learn in the field.

Afur’s Ravine

The trail starts in the small and pretty town of Afur, in the Rural Park of Anaga. It goes through the ravine and ends up in the beach of Tamadite. We recommend you to have an early start, and take into account the children’s age and their physical form if you wish to go all the way to the beach, so you can arrive to it with enough time and have enough energy to do the returning trip.

Through the Afur’s ravine you have running water practically throughout the year, so you can find many beautiful waterfalls, like the Pasada pond. It is a trail rich in vegetation, with canarian willows and even some sabinas in its hills.

La Ensillada’s viewpoint

Also located in the Anaga mounts, a particularly beautiful trail of only 4 kilometers, that starts in the Anaga refuge. You can choose a dirt trail that is easier for the little ones, or the original way, that goes through a magical forest of Laurisilva.

The trail is ideal to enjoy with your family, as it is quite easy and not very long. To get to the viewpoint means being able to enjoy some extraordinary views.

Teno’s Rural Park

Located on the northwestern area of the Island it belongs to several municipalities like Buenavista del Norte, Los Silos, El Tanque or Santiago del Teide.

In the park of Teno there are some rural accommodations and it also has a mountain refuge, in El Bolico, very close to the town of Las Portelas. The park also has its own administration office in El Palmar, where you can get information about the trails you can do. There are numerous companies you can go to if you want to have an organized excursion.

Teno offers a great biological variety (endemic lizards, monteverde vegetation, etc.), it is an old volcanic mountain range, where erosive processes have modeled the present landscape, with great coastal cliffs and numerous visible diques.

To know it is a possibility for the little ones to know its natural wealth, its culture, traditions and costumes.

National Park of El Teide

To visit the Teide can become the perfect excursion to do with your kids. There are different easy access sections with trails suitable for kids. You can use the cable car to get to the top, where you will have amazing views.

There is no doubt that you have to bring enough water and warm clothing, as you can find excessive heat, but the temperatures can drop when you get closer to the top. The Teide surroundings are an amazing landscape of volcanic nature.

You can use the opportunity to visit the Pino Gordo of Vilafrlo and the Forestal Reserve of the Chinyero Volcano in Santiago del Teide (The Arguayo trail is a beautiful tour to do when the almond trees are in bloom, although it is beautiful all year long).

Malpaís of La Rasca

The special natural reserve of the Malpaís of La Rasca is in the municipality of Arona, in the South of Tenerife, and it is a reserved space with great ecological interest.

The starting point of the route is in El Palmar, where the Natural protected space of La Rasca starts. The approximate length of the route is three hours, with a low difficulty. If you continue to El Faro, you will find yourselves in an area of ponds where the kids will be able to play and entertain themselves while you take a rest. It is a protected area of great archaeological interest, as there was an important presence of aboriginal populations in this place.

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routes and trails with children in Tenerife


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