Going through routes and trails with kids in Tenerife

/Going through routes and trails with kids in Tenerife

Going through routes and trails with kids in Tenerife

Discovering the island’s natural surroundings with kids

Trekking is a very rewarding activity, but if we want to do it with kids we need to take into account some previous considerations and apply our common sense.  

To practice this sport with the family means that the little ones will find a reward by improving their outdoor skills. They will be motivated to discover new places, they will get to know the native fauna and flora, and will be amazed by the orographic elements that are part of the natural beauty of the island.

To go through a natural trail can turn into a learning opportunity, that allow the young and not so young to discover many thing directly in the field, to stimulate their senses and to do some physical activity by choosing this healthy practice.

Tenerife has an extensive network of signaled trails that are very safe to take the kids to. It has a unique botanical wealth, that has made the island a world renowned natural reserve: laurisilva forests, high mountain pine forests, volcanic landscapes or steep ravines are all part of this wonderful island.

The first thing we have to take into account is that we have to choose the right route, the one that is best suited for the children’s ages and their physical form. If we are not used to it, the best thing is to choose a short section, that allow us to stop and rest whenever we need it. It is better to let the kids set the pace and let them investigate, observe the environment and take their time to complete the trail.

Don’t forget that the important thing is that we turn this activity into a game.

To add new ingredients every time we do a new route can become an opportunity of improvement for the kids.

Here are some basic tips to start planning the route

This are some of the recommendations we give you. Check the weather conditions, choose early morning hours to do your trip, bring comfortable clothes and suitable footwear, prepare a light backpack with some water and food, with sunscreen, a hat, and your fully charged mobile phone.

To take a camera, a pad, and a pen can be very interesting. It will allow the little explorers to make their own logbook, writing down what they discover and find along the way and drawing the things that catch their eye, so they can continue the experience at home by searching for more information on these subjects.

Trail of the senses, Rural Park of Anaga

It has a very special itinerary that starts in La Cruz del Carmen, in the rural park of Anaga. There you will find the visitors centre, where you can look for information about this and other trails in the area.

The trail of the senses has three different sections, depending on the length and difficulty you are looking for.

The first one is the easiest one, it is made by a walkway and a terrace, and it is adapted for baby carriages and for people with reduced mobility.

The second section goes through the forest, it is circular and of extraordinary beauty. It is ideal for the little ones as it is prepared with a walkway and a bridge.

The third sector of the trail of the senses is also circular but it is longer. It will take you to the Llano de Los Loros viewpoint, where you can observe the Tahodio ravine.  

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routes and trails with kids in Tenerife

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