Scuba diving in the North of Tenerife, a descent to paradise

/Scuba diving in the North of Tenerife, a descent to paradise

Scuba diving in the North of Tenerife, a descent to paradise

You will find a great diversity of marine species, caverns and sunken ships if you go scuba diving in the north of Tenerife

The Canary Islands are a real paradise for scuba diving. And that is shown in the great amount of diving schools and immersion points around the islands. The quality of the canarian waters is internationally known. They are famous for their transparency, that allows a visibility of until 30 meters, besides always having a temperature of around 20° where all kinds of species find their habitat. A sea bottom with a great biodiversity characterized by a volcanic landscape full of grottos, bends and reefs with great depths that in some cases can go down to a thousand meters. A richness that has awarded the title of Marine Reserve to different zones of El Hierro, La Palma and Lanzarote.

Tenerife is not far behind as we can find a great diversity of marine species, caverns and even sunken ships if we go scuba diving in the north of Tenerife. In this zone it is a little bit more complicated to dive in as a consequence of the Trade Winds and the groundswell, and many times the immersions doesn’t have the visibility that they do on the rest of the island, because of the currents. But nonetheless, in this zone of the island we can do scuba diving in some interesting places such as:

The cathedral

Submarine cavern of 20 meters of height in Tenerife

The cathedral is a rock formation with arches, vaults and chasms, in which the inner part is a cavern of 20 meters of height. This impressive volcanic building, that reminds us of a cathedral, is located just five minutes away by boat from Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of the Island of Tenerife. The immersion is adaptable to all levels and its starts with a descent of 20 meter and an exploration of the complex orography that can reach down to 45 meters of depth.

Underwater photography in Puerto de la Cruz

The experience of the group of divers and the conditions of the currents will dictate the best route to follow. During the descent of the “veril” you will find  terraces with gardens of “gorgonias”. Inside the building the impressive light rays that get through the holes of the ceiling will leave the team breathless. The underwater photographers will enjoy searching for species adapted to the darkness, like catalufas and lobsters. The more daring will like to touch the “muriones”, that are accustomed to divers.  

The rapadura

A submarine landscape of prismatic rocks in the north of Tenerife

The rapadura is one of the most amazing submarine landscapes in the bottoms of the island of Tenerife. The La Quinta cliff, near the residential area with the same name in the North of Tenerife, has a straight descent of 120 meters down to the sea. Under the surface, it continues its straight descent as a rocky platform, but with a completely different aspect: the sea has cracked the rock into enormous and perfect prismatic blocks that have ended in different levels, like the organ of a cathedral.

Deep immersion towards a path of giants in the Canary Islands

This is a demanding deep immersion that requires adequate conditions regarding the tides and the currents. The descending point is three nautical miles from Puerto de la Cruz. After a direct descent of 25 meters the prismatic shapes of this path of giants, splashed here and there with beautiful sponges, gorgonias and shoals of “fulas”. An excess of sea urchins have decimated the algae population, which has reduced the sea life in this place, but at the same time they add some drama to the geometrical landscape.

La Baja in Los Realejos

This zone of scuba diving is for many, the best of Tenerife under the sea. The immersion consists of going through a rock column that starts at 60 meters of depth and gets up to 8 meters, surrounded by different platforms and small caverns, filled with eels, lobsters and different types of fauna. Behind it, in the blue ocean there is the chance to see some sharks once in a while so you must keep your eyes open.

The chimney

Very interesting because it is a zone where we can see a great variety of fish like the classical “viejas”,”pejeverdes”, moray eels, bishop crabs, white seabream, horse mackerel, “gorgonias” and some time a group of “chuchos” or  rays. The three small caves you will find along the way are also very interesting.

Scuba diving in the North of Tenerife

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