The seven most visited places for tourists in Tenerife

/The seven most visited places for tourists in Tenerife

The seven most visited places for tourists in Tenerife

400 kilometers of a coast full of postcard beaches and 43 natural spaces that cover half of our territory.

3.000 hours of light per year enlighten everything they touch. 400 kilometers of a coast full of postcard beaches, ideal to regain your strength and fully enjoy the sea. 43 natural spaces that cover half of the territory. No matter what part of the island you are in, you have everything less than an hour away.  

To visit the most emblematic places of the Island of Tenerife, to know its most precious secrets, its landscapes, all its mysteries, and its people is to anyone’s reach thanks to the excursions specially organized so that the visitor doesn’t miss any detail. The most exotic places in Tenerife, whether they are in the middle of nature or in small towns, can be easily visited in small or organized excursions. We just have to choose what we like the most or, if we have the time, enjoy them all.

Let us show you some of those places

  1. In the municipality of Icod de lots Vinos, in the northwest of Tenerife, we have the Cueva Del Viento/Sobrado. It is the biggest volcanic tube in the European Union, with a length of more than 17 kilometers, where you can find many underground landscapes. The route starts in the visitor’s center, where a vehicle will take a group of maximum 14 people to a place near the entrance. You will continue by foot to an agricultural and pine cones zone through the ancient royal road. The visit to the historical center of Icod de lots Vinos and its famous millenarian drago is a mandatory stop. The route usually continues with a short visit to one of the viewpoints located on the road that covers the area of the Isla Baja. From any of them, the views are amazing.
  2. The Teide National Park is also a mandatory visit for any tourist that arrives in Tenerife. The possibility of combining this visit with the route around the forestall crown of El Teide, allows you to enjoy two of the most attractive natural places in the Island. The Teide is the most visited  National Park in Spain because it offers impressive and original volcanic landscapes. Furthermore, the National Park of El Teide is ideal to enjoy the view of things as incredible as Saturn’s rings, the moon’s craters or infinite galaxies and nebulas. The Teide and the heights of Tenerife have recently obtained the Starlight Certification, which certifies them as an international privileged spot for star’s observation.
  3. The excursion to the small town of Masca is one of the most popular ones by the visitors of Tenerife, and not all the residents have traveled through their roads. From the northern zone, the trip should include a visit to the historical center of Garachico, one of the best-preserved ones on the Island. After leaving behind the towns of Los Silos and Buenavista, in the heart of the Isla Baja, the route goes into the Rural Park of Teno. In this protected natural space of extraordinary ecological value, we find the impressive little town of Masca. After visiting this place and its surroundings, the excursion can go to Los Gigantes’s cliffs before returning to your hotel.
  4. One of the most popular excursions from the south of the island is the visit to Puerto de la Cruz, a town located in the valley of La Orotava on the northern coast. There are many arguments that justify this excursion. They usually include the visit to the  Martianez pool complex, created by the artist Cesar Manrique, or the botanical garden created in 1788 with species from the five continents, Playa Jardin, also designed by Cesar Manrique, or the visit to the historical center of the town, with the mandatory stop at La Plaza Del Charco, and the tour through the promenades of San Telmo and Colon, which are the perfect complement for a must excursion.
  5. We cannot forget Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The city founded on May third, 1494, offers a wide variety of places to enjoy a shopping day with the best prices. It is a city dedicated to the commercial and administrative activities. The center of the town, very close to the port, has uncountable attractions for tourists that are worth a calmed trip through their many walkways, filled with shops and outdoor terraces and important cultural, artistic, and historical attractions.
  6. It is possible to combine an organized excursion to the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to fully enjoy the shopping and its artistic and cultural attractions, with a visit to the Rural Park of Anaga and the beach of Las Teresitas, one of the most popular ones on the Island. The excursions that include this option go through the beautiful Macizo de Anaga, up to the colorful little town of Taganana. Anaga is one of the richest natural spaces in Tenerife and it is a laurisilva Reserve, a treasure of the Mediterranean forests from the Tertiary period, nowadays extinguished in continental Europe.
  7. Los Gigantes’s Cliffs and the touristic centers of Arona and Adeje, with its numerous beaches, are the next points of interest. When returning the excursion usually includes a visit to the Basilica of Candelaria, in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria, patron saint of the Canarian diocese.

Tenerife stands out for its extraordinary diversity in a space where distances are always short, this allows you to enjoy excursions through the places of more touristic value in just one day. From the southern zone, the organized excursions that offer the possibility to go around the island start in the main touristic centers and go toward the northeast, in direction of the Los Gigantes’s cliffs.

Come to Tenerife

The visitors that arrive in Tenerife will visit and enjoy its wonderful places that turn this island into a unique place: you have cliffs, volcanoes, coasts, inland villages, and historical centers that are World Heritage.

The size of the island allows you to visit multiple important places in just one day and, if you have the time, you can visit all the island letting yourself be guided by the organized excursions that go from the northern area up to the island’s south, with its great landscape variety.

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