Sport and Water activities in Tenerife

/Sport and Water activities in Tenerife

Sport and Water activities in Tenerife

Make the most of your holidays, come and practice a great variety of Water activities in Tenerife.

What do we do in our Holidays in Tenerife for leisure?


Sometime around the year, we all need to go to a different environment, away from our usual place of residence, which means, that we all try to get away to a place where we can rest from our daily routine. There are many kinds of trips and they are all different from each other. Therefore, each person has their own personal taste in this sense; some prefer to visit the mountains and others prefer the beach. Another type of excursion that we recommend is the mixture of adrenaline and living nature that you can find in the various water activities in Tenerife that offers their visitors and residents.


Many young British and Nordic students choose Tenerife as the destination for their graduation trip, as the island is famous for its beaches, parties, all inclusive hotels, and a complete customer’s attention, all things very important for those travelers that want to have some carefree holidays.


Take advantage of your holidays. You can practice a great variety of water activities in Tenerife thanks to its mild weather, and the good conditions it has throughout the year.


Among the main water sports you can practice, we want to highlight a few:


a. Scuba diving:


If you like Scuba diving, in Tenerife you should go into the water to discover its great marine fauna and flora variety.


The island has several scuba diving schools throughout all its coast and there are numerous immersion points you can visit. Between the most known and recommended places, you can find the following.


  • Northern zone of the island:

– Punta de Teno

– Garachico

– Puerto de la Cruz


  • Southern zone of the island:

– Playa Paraíso

– Las Galletas

– El Medano

– The marine reserve of Montaña Amarilla

– The Radazul and Tabaiba coast.


b. Surf, Windsurf, and Kitesurf:


In the island, you can not only practice surf but also other Water activities in Tenerife like windsurf and kitesurf due to the optimal wind conditions that some zones of the island have.


The main difference between windsurf and kitesurf is that in the first one the board has a built-in sail, and thanks to the wind that hits it, the board moves through the waves. In the case of kitesurf, the board is hooked with a kite instead of a sail, but it is also the wind that facilitates the movement.


The main area to practice these sports is El Medano, in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona. There are other zones of the island that also have the adequate conditions to enjoy a good time at the sea, like the zone of Güímar, the coast of Santa Cruz and the beach of El Socorro in the municipality of Los Realejos, this last one located on the northern coast of the island.


c. Boats:


In Tenerife, you can also enjoy recreation boats and practice a wide range of water sports on board.


Between the visitors, it is very popular to make some sea excursion on boats to enjoy the coast of the island and the sighting of cetaceans.
Likewise, we must highlight that you can also practice sport fishing.


Water activities in Tenerife

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