Ten places to enjoy Tenerife to the most with kids

/Ten places to enjoy Tenerife to the most with kids

Ten places to enjoy Tenerife to the most with kids

Tenerife is an ideal place to travel with the family. That is why we offer you ten ideas to enjoy this Canarian Island with the little ones of the house. There are activities that allow you to explore the most interesting attractions of the Island, to get know its nature, part of its history and its culture but with a touch of games and fun that the little ones enjoy so much.

Landscapes, monumental complexes, castles, volcanoes, caves, theme parks or the incredible beaches in Tenerife make part of this special travel plan. With a little bit of imagination, any trip can be turned into a great adventure and if the visits are specially designed for kids, things are even better.  

Explore a prehistoric jungle with more than a thousand kilometers of pathways. Tenerife is one of the best options in Europe for practicing trekking. The mildness of its weather, with temperatures that are around 18 and 24 degrees throughout the year, is another incentive to enjoy nature all year round. The rural park of Anaga is one of the most spectacular natural spaces in the island, and it has recently received the title of Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.


  • The laurisilva is a vegetal surviving relic from the Cenozoic or Tertiary age (Between 65 million and 300.000 years) in form of an always green forest that barely lets the sunlight reach the floor. There are pathways for every taste and levels. To enjoy it to the most with children we propose you any of the circular pathways of the Cruz Del Carmen (access by the TF12 from La Laguna in the direction to Las Mercedes) in which kids can explore without danger and without the need of great efforts. In this place, there is an attractive Interpretation Center (Address: TF-12, Km 6; Phone: (+34) 922 633 576; Hours: from October to June M-S 9.30 – 16.00; from July to September  W-S 9.00 – 15.00; E-mail: cvisitantes@tenerife.es). Here the little ones can discover all the secrets of the forest in a simple, entertaining and interactive way.


  • To defend the island from the attack of the Pirates. For centuries, the coasts of the Canary Islands were under the continuous threat of pirates from the nations that were rivals of Spain in the control of the maritime routes. As a consequence of those years, we have numerous defensive towers and small castles that served to defend the beaches and ports from the enemies. Some of these castles can be visited. The Castle of San Felipe in Puerto de la Cruz (Address: Paseo de Luis Lavaggi, 12; Phone: (+34) 922 373 039; Hours:   11.00 – 13.00 and 17.00 – 20.00) is perfectly preserved and it serves today as a cultural center. Another fortress you can visit is the Castle of San Miguel in Garachico (Address: Avda Tomé Cano sn; Phone: (+34) 922 830 000; Hours M/S 10.00 – 13.00 and 15.00 – 18.00 D 10.00 – 13.00). This small defensive cube protected the port from undesired presences for more than three hundred years. It now houses an interesting exposition about the history and the destruction of the town due to a volcanic eruption.


  • To sail between whales and dolphins. Between the southern coast of Tenerife and the neighboring island of La Gomera, there is a true sanctuary of marine life that is characterized by the abundance of aquatic fauna.  In all the sea that surrounds the Islands it is easy to see cetaceous from almost every species, but in this little spot of the Atlantic several groups of dolphins and pilot whales have established here permanently, and they live here all year long.


The maritime excursions to enjoy this impressive natural spectacle leave from the ports of Los Cristianos, Puerto Colon, and Los Gigantes. The authorized boats have a distinctive blue flag that not only guarantees the travelers’ safety but also the well-being and the safety of the cetaceous themselves, the sea is their home and we should not bother them.


  • To go up the highest mountain in Spain. The National Park of El Teide receives every year more than three million visitors, the highest peak in Spain is the culmination of a huge Caldera from a volcanic origin that offers impressive landscapes and the possibility to explore places that seem from another world. To go up to El Teide by foot is an adventure only available for those with an adequate physical condition. But there is another option also accessible for kids. The Cable car allows you to conquer the more that 1200 meters of altitude between the base of the volcano and the Rambleta, a small platform where the upper station is located, in just a few minutes. From there you have a pathway that covers the last 200 meters to the highest peak in Spain. The views are just spectacular and the ride in the cable car is an experience in itself. To access the peak through the Telesforo Bravo pathway, you must fill a form to receive a permit. It is worth asking for it.


  • Travel to the stars and discover other planets. Tenerife is the headquarters of the Canarian Astrophysics Institute, one of the most prestigious scientific and educational institutions of the world. In the peaks of this Island and of the neighboring island of La Palma modern telescopes scrutinize the most distant corners of the universe. For the astronomy apprentices, you have the museum of science and the cosmos in La Laguna, an interactive center specially designed for kids to discover the secrets of science and the cosmos. As it could not be otherwise, the center, specialized in astrophysics for all audiences, has one of the best planetariums in Spain. Address: Avda de Los Menceyes, 70 –La Laguna-; Phone: (+34) 922 315 265; Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 – 20.00 Mondays, Sundays, and holidays, 10.00 – 17.00).


  • Going to the center of the Earth. The bravest ones can prove their value going down to the depths of the earth through the “Cueva Del Viento”. A volcanic tube of several kilometers of length closely related with the Teide’s eruptions. It has an extension of 17 kilometers which makes it the fifth biggest cave of this type in the world. The portion you can visit allows you to discover the morphology and the determinant factors for life in this type of ecosystems. For the parents, it is a unique opportunity to visit an impressive natural space and learn a little bit more about the volcanoes in the Canary Islands (the route has explaining panels and all the visits are guided by experts on the subject). For the kids, it is a true adventure. Address: Camino de Los piquetes, 27 –Icod de Los Vinos-; Phone: (+34) 922 815 339.


  • Or just go to the beach all year round. The weather is one of the strong points in the Island of Tenerife. The mildness of the temperatures allows you to enjoy outdoor activities all year long as well as the beach. The Island has an enormous amount and variety of spaces where you can go near the ocean. There are beaches specially suited for kids where there are no dangerous currents or waves. Some examples of this are Las Teresitas, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Américas, Los Cristianos, or Playa Colón, in Arona. Another option that kids love is the Martianez Pool Complex, in Puerto de la Cruz, where the are spaces specially designed for the enjoyment of the little ones.

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