The 10 best things to do in Tenerife

/The 10 best things to do in Tenerife

The 10 best things to do in Tenerife

It is impossible to get bored on this island.

Take note and discover the best things to do in Tenerife during your holidays.

There is much confusion around the idea of holidays in Tenerife. Many go to the Canary Island with only one thing in their heads: beach and sun. But there is much more to see and do in Tenerife. We have selected for you the 10 best things to see and do in Tenerife if you are one of those horrified by the idea of lying all day in a hammock. Don’t waste your visit to this island of the Canaries and enjoy it fully.

  1. Fight against the “dragons”. 

    Tenerife is an island full of myths and legends. To live the magic of this place go to the north, near Icod de los Vinos. We assure you that there you will have your fist encounter with a dragon. It is known as the Drago Canario and it is a spectacular species of red sap that can live hundreds of years. It is all what is left of the dragon trees that inhabited these lands thousands of years ago, but it has earned by its own merits being on the list of things to do in Tenerife. The legend says that it is the blood of Ladon, the huge dragon of a 100 heads that protected the Hesperides, the islands of paradise, what flows through the Drago trees. In case you were wondering this mythical archipelago is said to be in the Canary Islands.

  2. Go down the depths of hell. 

    Now that you are in Icod don’t forget to go down its core. In this zone there are about 17 kilometres of volcanic tubes you can visit that are meandering through the subsoil. According to your heart condition there are different caves you can visit in Tenerife. La Cueva del Viento, for example, is the biggest passage of the European Union and it is suitable for all audiences. There, you can admire the amazing lava stalactites and lava lakes without being too crowded. La Cueva de San Marcos or San Felipe are narrower and more dangerous tunnels. To go into them your are going to need certain speleology knowledge and great gliding skills, but soon you’ll see for yourself it is one of the best things to do in Tenerife.

  3. Take a look through the cliffs of Los Gigantes. 

    In a past time these cliffs were known by the pre-historic inhabitants of the island, or Guanches, as the hell’s wall. That’s how chilling the impression is when you look out the border of the stone wall, that rises about 500 meters from the floor. Like almost everything in this island , Los Gigantes are a consequence of the volcanic activity. Yes, to see them from the border is impressing, but the best way to watch the cliffs in all their glory is from the sea, in one of the boats that take you close to the rock slopes. If this wasn’t enough in this part of the island you can catch sight of whales and you can also take a dip in some of the hidden coves that are within this huge stone wall.

  4. Walk trough Anaga. 

    If you like hiking, the north of the island is one of the places to visit in Tenerife. Enjoy the abrupt beauty of the landscape while you enter the mountain range and the valleys of this natural park. Follow the paths that will lead you to coves of brilliant and fine black sand. The Anaga zone was formed as a consequence of a volcanic eruption about 7 to 9 million years ago, which makes it the oldest part of the island of Tenerife. That is maybe why their forests harbor certain mystery. They say that at El Bailadero, a part of the mountain range, the witches get together to practice their magic. For these, and for a lot of other reasons, it is one of the things that you should see in Tenerife.

  5. Watch the stars from Izaña. 

    If you are a night owl and you want to know what to do in Tenerife, you have two great options. Enjoy the local nightlife or watch the stars from one of the most privileged places in the world. The sky quality you get from here is so amazing that you will do good by directing your eyes towards the sky as soon as the sun sets. If you need a guide sign up for one of the night safaris with guides organized by the national park of El Teide. The sunsets make space for a star cloak that delights anyone. The sky becomes a show of colors and textures as you have never seen before.

  6. Know the Teide. 

    Leave the island without stepping foot in the Teide should be a sin… so put on your boots and go near one of the best places in Tenerife. Located in the center of the island, the natural park is Tenerife’s crown jewel, and it is not for less because the Teide is the third most tall active volcano in the world and the highest point of Spain thanks to its 3,718 meters above the sea level. Take the cableway that will take you to 3,555 meters above sea level but remember that if you want to reach the crater you need an authorization and be a little bit fit because the last part has to be done by foot. It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to go up to the very top to fall in love with the Teide’s singularity. Get close, even if ti is just to the base, and enjoy its profile and the lava sculptures that dot the landscape. You will feel like you are in another planet.

  7. Swim with turtles in the Puertito de Adeje, Tenerife south. 

    Do you like the sea and the sea animals? Then you can’t leave without discovering what the south of the island is hiding for you. One of the best things you can do in Tenerife is to go to the Puertito de Adeje. There you’ll find a small marine reserve where the green turtles, seahorses, harlequin crabs and other species swim in freedom. The immersion is not very deep, about ten meters, but the sea life is frantic. You can also do some snorkeling, and remember that turtles don’t care if you are swimming or snorkeling.

  8. Soak up the culture in La Laguna. 

    Tenerife is not only sun and beach, or diving and volcanoes. This amazing island is full of tradition and charm in their towns and villages, as you can see for example in the beautiful La Laguna. This town was founded in 1497 by Alonso Fernández de Lugo and that is the reason why all of its historical center has a colonial air. The architecture of La Laguna will remind you of latin american cities like La Habana or Lima, with colorful facades. Do you need more reasons? Well, the UNESCO declared it Human Patrimony as a unique example of a not walled colonial city. Due to the high amount of churches and convents, it is commonly known as the canarian Florence and it concentrates most of the museums of the island. It is a claim for the visitors that come in the search of history and culture, being one of the best things to do in Tenerife.

  9. Step in the Playa del Bollullo, Tenerife North. 

    Although we have said that we were going to break certain stereotypes related with Tenerife, we can’t avoid emphasizing on this spectacular beach. As most of the sand in Tenerife, its sand is black and shiny, as a consequence of its volcanic origin. The Bollullo beach will make you fall in love with its beauty and serenity, as it is far from any urban nucleus and its access is not very easy… that is probably why it is one of the most virgin beaches in Tenerife. Be careful with the waves as they can drag you into the sea.

  10. Prepare your mouth for the traditional food. 

    If nothing on this list convinces you and you are still lying on the hammock of your hotel pool, at least leave your boredom to enjoy the island’s tasty and rich food. You don’t have to ask the islanders or regret your bad luck in choosing a bad restaurant. All this sprayed by good wines from the island. Where can you find a better place to try those wrinkly potatoes (papas arrugadas) with mojo than at a Guachinche? If you like eating, this is without a doubt one of the best things you can do in Tenerife.

Besides this wide offer of places to visit, Tenerife also have Spa centers, thermal circuits, and body treatments for you to relax and recover from your visits to all these areas, and let your body be pampered.

Places where you can relax and find new experiences for your senses.

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