Tips to enjoy Tenerife’s Carnival

/Tips to enjoy Tenerife’s Carnival

Tips to enjoy Tenerife’s Carnival

Thousands of people take the streets to celebrate Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Do you want to experience the most hilarious Carnival in the world? Take a plane and come to the Canary Islands. But you will have some issues if you don’t have an entire month to spend in the Island, because in Tenerife there’s a lot going on during the carnival season. That is why, we have prepared a list with tips to enjoy Tenerife’s Carnival so you don’t miss any important event and we add some recommendations so you can enjoy the carnival to the most without dying in the attempt.

The Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is considered the second most important carnival in the world after the one celebrated in Rio de Janeiro.

When in Rome, do as the Romans

Garish fabrics, colorful wigs and even the emerald blue dresses from Frozen movie, can be seen in the streets of Santa Cruz during these days. If you don’t want to be out of place in this costume’s orgy, you will have to wear at least an extra sequin, or cover your face with a mask. But if you have forgotten to put your clown nose or your big yellow glasses inside your luggage you will have to do some shopping in Tenerife. You are sure to find something you like. That is, if the local people haven’t bought it all before your arrival.

Get inspiration from sci-fi movies

If you don’t know what costume to buy, get some ideas from some pirate film (like pirates of the caribbean) that can become your inspiration for finding your costume. It will help you because these year the Carnival’s theme is the “Caribbean”. Jack Sparrow! This year, the famous captain is back on theaters with “Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s revenge” and we don’t have any doubt that this is going to be one of the most requested character’s costume. Make sure to have it ready when you come to enjoy Tenerife’s Carnival.

Learn some Salsa steps

The ambiance, the party and the music are unmistakable parts of the Carnival. Here, latin rhythms sound everywhere, when the Comparsas parade through the streets of Santa Cruz, they do it to salsa, batuca or other caribbean rhythms. The dance groups dance together with their floats filling the streets with all kinds of colors and fabrics that will leave you breathless. You don’t want to be the only one without any rhythm when these troupes start moving their hips.

Put a pair of trainers in your luggage

Yes, you have read it right. If you though this was just going to be a parade of sequins, wigs, floats, laughter and exaggerated makeup, you were a little bit wrong. If you are in Tenerife you can wear your costume and go for a run. In the Carnival Running the important thing is not to arrive in first place, but to enjoy the five kilometers journey. If you come with someone under 15 tell them to bring a costume and a water gun to refresh you while you run. This will be the most dynamic and funniest race of your life.

Take a trip to the golden twenties

Tenerife’s Carnival is not just for those who love colors and salsa. If you like old cars and are a fan of the 20’s, you can travel through time without leaving the island. Once the excesses, the feathers and the wigs of this weeks have passed we have the “Great old cars competition and city tour”. It takes place the 3rd of March in the García Sanabria Park. Its difference with other events like this one that occur around Spain, is that the owners have to match their car’s style. Don’t be the only one without an appropriate 20’s costume or Hercules Poirot’s mustache enjoying Tenerife’s Carnival.

Don’t miss the most important Gala of all

It is the Gala to choose the Carnival’s queen. On Wednesday, February 22, all the elements that make this carnival big come together in one place: troupes, murgas, music groups, and salsa… there is also a children and a senior category. The candidates take the contest very seriously throughout the year. They train and order the most spectacular dress they can wear, buying all the sequins they can find. Their costumes are so heavy (between 100 and 200 kilos) and so big that they need to have wheels so that the girls can move with a little more freedom. For the canarians this is the main course of the Carnival.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival’s programme 2017

If you enjoy so much you need a place to relax and disconnect from so much party, go to the south of the island, where the sun is the brightest and find one of the best spas on the island, here we wait.

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