Tips to help you organize a bachelorette party in a Spa in Tenerife

/Tips to help you organize a bachelorette party in a Spa in Tenerife

Tips to help you organize a bachelorette party in a Spa in Tenerife

Take note of all these ideas and organize an unforgettable bachelorette party in a Spa in Tenerife with the best company.

  • During the morning you can choose a relaxing package, dedicated to take care of your body and clear your mind before the big night. Your can start by enjoying a thermal circuit, with jacuzzis, ice fountains, Turkish baths, etc. Afterward, what about a relaxing massage? You can choose to have one for the entire body or just for a specific area, like the legs, the back or the face. Remember that you are many girls and you must reserve these services in advance so you can be sure that you can enjoy them all together.


  • A day in a spa offers lots of possibilities. The first thing to do the day of the bachelorette party is going to the house of the bride and wake her up with her favorite breakfast and start the day with some energy. Afterward, so it is even a bigger surprise, don’t forget to blindfold her before leaving towards the Spa. So, some of you will have to be in charge of ordering the bride’s favorite breakfast for that special day.


  • The first thing you have to do is to get all the guests together so you can all decide how do you want to organize the day in the spa and make all the arrangements for the evening. A bachelorette party has to have costumes, so it is very convenient to deal with this subject with enough time and decide how are you going to be dressed and what costume you are going to make the bride wear for the night party.


  • Now comes the moment to plan your day, but if you want an entire day, what about hiring beauty packages? You should choose one spa or another according to the type of treatments you are interested in. Besides, you should contact the spa where you are going to celebrate the bachelorette party in Tenerife in advance, so everything is perfect on that day and the friends have nothing to worry about except surprising the bride and choosing everybody’s clothes.


  • To eat, we always recommend you to check out if the spa’s package includes a catering service, that way you will avoid having to look for an outside restaurant, you will not have to leave the premises, and you can continue the beauty treatments during the afternoon. Therefore, after eating, What about starting to prepare your face for the big night.? An ideal option for this plan is to select a beauty package that includes manicure, pedicure, facial peeling, and, of course, a makeup session.



  • To put the cherry on top of your afternoon, don’t forget to ask for some champagne glasses so all of you can toast for this special day. In many bachelorette’s parties in a Spa in Tenerife, the friends decide to hire a photographer to make an unforgettable photo report. After relaxing in the thermal circuit and the beauty treatments you’ll be perfect for immortalizing this moment and to show your best smiles.


  • If the bride likes the bachelorette’s parties that end up with a striptease, what about surprising her at the end of the session and take her to a secret spot? Just be sure that she is comfortable with this kind of performances, as the striper will be dedicated exclusively to the bride.


  •  Now the big night has arrived, is time for the costumes and the games during the dinner. Don’t forget to look for a restaurant with the bride’s favorite food. It is always fun to plan some games to test the bride. You can organize from the typical question and answer games that give prices to the correct answers, to more original ones where the bride has to do the craziest dares, here your imagination plays a very important role.


  • After dinner, the bachelorette party has not come to an end. Find the disco or pub that better suits the bride’s musical taste, and go there to dance and have a drink. If you didn’t hire the stripper before so he wouldn’t interrupt the beauty treatments, this is also a good moment to have a striptease. Many dance rooms include this service in their private rooms. Remember to make sure that the bride is comfortable with this kind of experiences.

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