Tips to really living Tenerife’s Carnival

/Tips to really living Tenerife’s Carnival

Tips to really living Tenerife’s Carnival

Following our previous post, we give you some tips for living Tenerife’s Carnival and to make the most out of your stay in the Island.

Keep up with the latest news

It may sound silly, but it may be worth it to know what is going on in Spain and find out which was the most popular corruption case during that year. By doing so, you will be able to laugh your heart out when you listen to the Murgas. They are some sort of choir that sing, using the rhythm of popular songs, invented lyrics that make fun of certain aspects of Spanish politics. The Murgas rehearse all year round to make fun of certain politicians that are prone to act for their own benefit. Their work is so thorough that they deserve a price. There is even a junior category. The Murgas will perform in the Gala for the election of the Carnival’s queen.

Wind down, you are going to need it.

If you don’t want to miss any of the activities organized for the carnival, you are going to need to recharge your energies once in a while so yo can live Tenerife’s Carnival  to the fullest. The best way of doing this is by taking a break from the crowded environment of the Island’s capital. Take a bus and go to the rural park of Anaga. It is a beautiful and singular mountain range. It is a biosphere reserve. Quiet and isolated, this mountains were formed after a volcanic eruption millions of years ago, being the oldest part of the island. We recommend you the route of the pirates that goes from the Lomo de las Bodegas to the Antequera beach.

Regain your strength by getting some calories

To wind down is ok, but what will keep you on your feet through the various days of troupes, murgas, and parades is to get some food, and nothing better for recharging your energy supplies than some carbohydrates. A typical snack are the “torrijas”. Although you can find them throughout the year, they are particularly popular during this season. It’s a dessert made up with eggs, bread, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon (similar to french toasts). You can eat this delicacy with a fabulous hot beverage that will also help you to stand a couple more hours partying. This beverage is called “barraquito” and it is a combination of coffee, condensed milk, milk, cinnamon, lemon and liquor. It is served in a medium size glass, similar to those used for the wine.

Let yourself be surprised in the streets of Tenerife

We have talked about the Gala for choosing the Carnival’s queen, the murgas’ contest, and the presentations of different musical groups in big enclosures. But the real Tenerife’s carnival is in the streets. In fact, it starts and ends between the bustle of the city. The 24 of February the announcing parade opens the gates to a week of wildness with an improvised parade of masks, colors and dance that wanders for hours around the city. The 28th of February the “Coso Apoteosis” is the finishing point to the craziest week of the Carnival with another parade through the promenade. The Carnival’s queen and their maids of honor, the troupes, and the Murgas go out to the street to say goodbye to this crazy week. Between these two parades, the party will be lived in the capital with shows on the different plazas, dance music and other performances that will entertain the young and the not so young.

Relaxing after so much party

After spending so many hours of enjoyment, living Tenerife’s Carnival, you can relax yourself in a wide range of Spas and thermal circuits in the island of Tenerife. In these places you can fin a wide catalogue of services to recover your body after the busy days that every trip, and specially this one, entitles. We are sure that visiting this type of facilities will give you a great memory of Tenerife, a unique experience for your senses.

And when the Carnival is over, don’t let the sorrow take over you

There is always something more in Tenerife’s Carnival. When the Coso parade marks the end of the Carnival, all the people from Tenerife cry at its farewell. But they don’t do it exactly sad or with sorrow. On the contrary, they go out to the streets again on the next day (18 of February) and they have the sardine’s funeral. It is the most hilarious spectacle of all that the Canarian capital has seen. The mourners parade dressed in black outfits. Their cries are so overwhelming and their faints so exaggerated that they make this hideous parade the perfect ending for the carnival excesses. We recommend you to go with this group up to the promenade. There they will burn the  biggest sardine (made out of cardboard) you have ever seen. Stay a while longer if you like fireworks and don’t forget to bring your handkerchief. Dry out your tears and enjoy the last party before taking the plane back home.

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