What to see and do in Tenerife in 7 days

/What to see and do in Tenerife in 7 days

What to see and do in Tenerife in 7 days

The excursions and the canarian food are a good option if you don’t know what to see and do in Tenerife for 7 days.

Every year “the island of the eternal spring” becomes a place of pilgrimage for the lovers of the sun, the best beaches and the most exclusive clubs. Nevertheless, this piece of paradise on Earth has much more to offer. The biggest of the Canary Islands has an undeniable magnetism for millions of tourists around the world (just last year it was visited by 5 million people). It is not hard to imagine why. History, Culture, internationally renowned parties, dreamy beaches, forests that look like taken out of a movie, etc. This Island has a little bit for everybody.

It is precisely its privileged location what assures us with a soft weather all year long. Tenerife Island is also a unique case as it has as much as 12 different climatic areas, although we can divide them in the arid dry weather of the south of the island and the humidity and exuberance of the North. The Teide dominates the geography of Tenerife. Besides being the highest peak in Spain, it is also responsible for the fertility of zones like the valley of La Orotava. Few places can presume of the variety this island offers.

The visitor can choose from a typical day of sun and beach in Los Cristianos, incredible hiking routes in Anaga, being amazed by almost martian landscapes in the National Park of El Teide, finding the perfect wave in El Medano, the list is endless. That is why we have gathered and organized the best of this wonderful island.

If after all this activity you need a good rest, in our web you can find the best spas and thermal circuits in Tenerife. So pack your bag and set course towards Tenerife: you will find that paradise is only a few hours away by plane.


  1. Going up to El Teide. 

    With its 3,718 meters, the Teide is the third higher volcano of the world. From there you can enjoy incredible views of the neighboring islands. If you are one of those that gets up jumping off the bed, then it is better to get up early to see the sunrise from the top of the mountain and contemplate the spectacle of its shadow showering the island. If you happen to find bad weather don’t worry. The “cloud sea” at your feet is equally worth seeing and justifies the getting up early. There are guided visits to the top that lasts around 6 hours and requiere to be in good physical condition. There is also the possibility of going up in the cablecar (27€ for adults, 13.50€ for kids). If besides that you want to go up to the peak you will have to ask for a special permission beforehand to be able to go there. We recommend you reserve your tickets online for the Teide cablecar.

  2. National Park of El Teide. 

    A wonderful experience is to make an excursion to the National Park of El Teide, the most visited one in Europe and declared Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO. Its landscape goes from the green and leafy forests to the lava valleys of La Esperanza or the lunar landscape of the Roques de García; without a doubt it is one of the places with more natural diversity in the world. In the park you can do activities that are as varied is its landscape: walks, private jeep safaris, nights of watching the stars in El Teide or wine routes.

  3. Punta de Teno. 

    This small rocky and steep peninsula is only ten kilometers away from Buenavista and it is the westernmost point of the island, it is an ideal place to get lost, fill your lungs with sea breeze and scape the tourists mobs with t-shirts of “I love Tenerife”. In Punta de Teno there is a precious lighthouse (that is still working) and a ver calm bay from which you can see the islands of La Gomera and La Palma, besides the mountains of Teno. Just make sure to check the weather report on advance as the road is closed on bad weather.

  4. Los Gigantes cliffs. 

    This astounding cliffs stand as impressive towers, with a height that goes from 500 to 800 meters. The old inhabitants of Tenerife, the Guanches, named this chain of steep mountains “Hell’s walls” and they really produce some fear. You can include its visit if you decide to make an excursion to the town of Los Gigantes, from where you can make diving, snorkeling, kayak or boat excursions to watch whales and dolphins following the steep lines of the cliffs.

  5. Route to the town of Masca. 

    Masca is a little town in the middle of nowhere located in the top of a hill in front of the ocean. It is a  very photogenic landscape, so it is very popular within the tourists. That is why we recommend you to go early to avoid the crowds and enjoy the 3 hours descent to the beach of Masca. If you don’t dare to come back through the same way, don’t worry, you can reserve a boat excursion to go back to Los Gigantes. There are also guided visits to the zone.

  6. Hiking in the Anaga Mountain range. 

    If what you are looking for is an authentic experience out of the conventional touristic flows, you can’t miss the Anaga Mountain Range, on the Northeast side of the island. It is a mountain formation created by a volcanic eruption that happened more than 7 million years ago. It is the oldest part of the island. An excursion to Anaga is like visiting Jurassic Park. There is a meandering  road that crosses the range and through which there are a couple disseminated towns. El Bailadero is one of them and, although there is no agreement in this, there is said that its name is due to the dances (bailes in Spanish) that the witches made around fires in this place. In its Laurisilva (endemic forest) there are numerous hiking routes that go from Benijo to the Roques de Anaga. The variety of plants is amazing: In fact it is the area with the highest number of endemic species of Europe, reason why it was declared Biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in 2015.

  7.  Millenarian Drago. 

    A good trip to Tenerife wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Icod de los Vinos to see the millenarian Drago, one of the most important symbols of the island. His name is due to its red sap, that seemed to sprout as “dragon’s blood” and to which many medicinal properties have been attributed throughout the centuries. Its age has been calculated in a 1000 years, which makes it the older one of its species. Located next to the town’s church, this drago of 18 meters of height is inside a garden that has other endemic canarian species. Its flowering is a spectacle for the eye that happens in an irregular way every ten to twenty years and is celebrated with a big party.

  8. Diving. 

    The cristal clear waters and the whimsical shapes that the lava adopted as it cooled down make Tenerife a fantastic scenery for the practice of diving. The Island has numerous diving centers for users of any level, that offer courses for beginners, expert divers, or even just boat trips for those who love the sea. Practicing snorkeling surrounded by turtles or exploring underwater caves is more than possible in the steep coasts of Tenerife.

After spending hours performing different activities, you can relax with a broad range of Spa centers and thermal circuits that the Island has, where you can find many services to pamper your body and mind after the agitated journeys that are amongst any trip. We are sure that visiting this type of facilities will leave you with a beautiful memory of Tenerife, and an exclusive experience for you senses.

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